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There are no official cheats for Clash of Clans. There are people who try to hack or exploit the game in order to get free Gems, but Supercell are relatively generous in that department anyway, as they reward you with Gems for cleaning up obstacles in your base and for completing Achievements.

Furthermore, anyone offering you a download or Gems in exchange for your username or password are probably trying to get personal details from you and you should refuse to give them out. The developers work hard for a balanced game, and anyone getting free Gems compromises that - the best idea is to learn how to beat the game using your own tactics that no one else knows about, then you'll have a real advantage!



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please give me 9999999999 gems plz plz plz plz.

Guest PosterGuest
Added 1st Mar 2015, ID #522656

I need more gems

Guest PosterGuest
Added 28th Feb 2015, ID #522497

Hi can I have loads of gems ,y username is

Guest PosterGuest
Added 27th Feb 2015, ID #521893

Can I have a lot of gems my clash of clans username is Deathkiller345

Guest PosterGuest
Added 25th Feb 2015, ID #521177

Give me some coolester

Guest PosterGuest
Added 8th Feb 2015, ID #513602

Everyone are trying their best and wasting time... while others are enjoying with gems hehehe

Guest PosterGuest
Added 5th Feb 2015, ID #511891

I want gems so bad soooooo what

Guest PosterGuest
Added 18th Jan 2015, ID #503705

If u could can you gem me over 500 please thanks
Added 5th Jan 2015, ID #496808

Pls give my townhall upgrade lvl 8 in minnim time possible my

is Ahmed in the game and my town hall is of lvl 6

Guest PosterGuest
Added 18th Dec 2014, ID #486280

I really like this game I would really like to see the master minds behind it give us more troop types! The game does get a little redundant. Need more diversity! Please!

Guest PosterGuest
Added 7th Dec 2014, ID #481526

can i plz have gems my name is big mc 1234h thnx

Guest PosterGuest
Added 22nd Nov 2014, ID #474871

Please give me unlimited germs thanks my name is jr

Guest PosterGuest
Added 21st Oct 2014, ID #461430

Please give me gems my name jimbul

Added 21st Oct 2014, ID #461097

How do u jailbreak ur iPad

Guest PosterGuest
Added 20th Oct 2014, ID #460937

Echt slecht

Guest PosterGuest
Added 13th Oct 2014, ID #458174

no hacks

Guest PosterGuest
Added 11th Oct 2014, ID #457296

Clash of clans is a strategy game, not a winning game.

Guest PosterGuest
Added 6th Oct 2014, ID #455645

i think it cool

Guest PosterGuest
Added 5th Oct 2014, ID #455101

I like the integrity of the game and how you can advance without any gems! They do give you an option to pay for gems but that's why anyone starts a business? MONEY!! It's called supply and demand. It's your option and not everything in life is given to you. So grow up

Guest PosterGuest
Added 27th Sep 2014, ID #452276

I think it's funny how no one wants to pay for gems, but thinks the game doesn't give enough away. The entire reason for making this game is for the developer to make money. The great thing about this game is there is no content you can't get to without spending actual money. You may have to work harder and it takes longer, but you can do everything in the game without a purchase. A lot of games are not like that and have special content only attainable through purchase. I think those of you complaining so much should shut up and just enjoy a good game. It's obvious you like it if it concerns you so much. Stop being a bunch of spoiled whiners and just enjoy it.

Guest PosterGuest
Added 2nd Aug 2014, ID #429738


Guest PosterGuest
Added 10th Jul 2014, ID #415848

Yol are wasting data for sweet nothing on COC really, they just making money out of yol

Guest PosterGuest
Added 18th Jun 2014, ID #401928

I think that they should reward more and give more gems out to people that have none. If you agree, we should go on strike!
Everyone that plays clash of clans, go on strike today! Go on strike now! It's not fair people! Face it! They will go out of buisness because no one is playing. They will realize that they will have to change it!

Guest PosterGuest
Added 11th Jun 2014, ID #397629

You should be able to watch a video where you buy the gems and each time you watch on it should give you one gem but. You can only use it 10 times a day.Say GEMS if u agree.thank you for your time.peace out.

Guest PosterGuest
Added 11th Jun 2014, ID #397602

I believe the amount of money we have to spend and u made about 73 million i saw on web
We should get rewarded more and keep clan war bonus wether you win or lose
Your clan really messes that up sometimes and make king and queen not leave base

Guest PosterGuest
Added 25th May 2014, ID #388122

The te needs to be shorter for the barracks

Guest PosterGuest
Added 12th Apr 2014, ID #374145

To all you people saying dont cheat or hack the game. HYPOCRATE. you came to super cheats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guest PosterGuest
Added 27th Mar 2014, ID #368646

In my opinion I think they should give a greater amount of gems for the obstacles that cost more money such as the rocks or trees. Also I tried one of the downloads and instead of me hacking the game the person who I downloaded from hacked me! I lost all of my exilr and coins and got bumped down to bronze 3 but I was gold 3. My base stayed the same but I was also banned from global chat and I was a leader of the clan and I got kicked out! Warning to any one who does the hacks DON'T!!! Also it spoils the fun of the game and really you are only cheating yourself! Please take this under consideration and thank you for reading.

Guest PosterGuest
Added 31st Jan 2014, ID #350393


Guest PosterGuest
Added 23rd Jan 2014, ID #347106

Wow supercell needs to work on it.You should win gems in attacks.(more gems do better attacks).Such as 2 stars 5gems 3 stars 10 gems

Guest PosterGuest
Added 12th Jan 2014, ID #343239

yeah your right!

Guest PosterGuest
Added 20th Dec 2013, ID #331774

You cannot degrade your Town Hall. If you rushed up to higher levels without upgrading your base first, then you are going to have a hard time. Do a google search on "clash of clans premature town hall" and start reading.

Guest PosterGuest
Added 7th Dec 2013, ID #326068

Any one knows how to degrade your townhall?

Guest PosterGuest
Added 21st Nov 2013, ID #320822

Ciao io non ho capito bene ci sono dei codici da poter inserire per ottenere oro,elisir e gemme gratis????

Guest PosterGuest
Added 13th Nov 2013, ID #319222

Just jail break ur pad or pod or phone and free upgrades but they take longer

Guest PosterGuest
Added 6th Oct 2013, ID #312939

Away how to get to a master very fast. A day......

Guest PosterGuest
Added 24th Sep 2013, ID #310954

They should give more gems

Guest PosterGuest
Added 21st Sep 2013, ID #310548

Plz give me fems!!!

Guest PosterGuest
Added 4th Sep 2013, ID #308180

you were saying we should not hack now your asking for gems!

Guest PosterGuest
Added 30th Aug 2013, ID #307551

you should get 1 gem every day.

Guest PosterGuest
Added 23rd Aug 2013, ID #306314

I don't like this website we should be given a cheat for free everything

Guest PosterGuest
Added 18th Aug 2013, ID #305436

you should be able to steal gems just like everything else. They are preying on the impatience of humans and making a fortune. I wish I would have done it first

Guest PosterGuest
Added 26th Jul 2013, ID #300455

Free gems would be so much better

Guest PosterGuest
Added 17th Jul 2013, ID #298108

give me gems

Guest PosterGuest
Added 9th Jul 2013, ID #296104

Link list add pic add video font Color front size

Guest PosterGuest
Added 2nd Jul 2013, ID #294467


Added 9th Jun 2013, ID #289110

can u give me a way to get 3 builders huts at the start??

Guest PosterGuest
Added 4th Jun 2013, ID #287659

i just don't know how to get a lot of gems quickly without paying so i might need a way to get gems quick

Guest PosterGuest
Added 3rd Jun 2013, ID #287645

yes your right

Guest PosterGuest
Added 26th Apr 2013, ID #277776

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