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Ultimate Lickilicky (A+B)

This Code will give you a Lickilicky with all EVs and Has full attack IVs, full HP IVs and 4 Speed IVS and can be used in WI-FI Battles (I hope, Hasn't been tested). The reason I say it should be is because I watch a video [ur=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zVoLjO6-zO4]here[/url]. The down side is that it WILL REMOVE ANY Pokemon YOU HAVE IN YOUR PARTY. And will replace the first pokemon. Im trying to make a code that puts it in your box(es). I would like help with that so plz leave a comment if you know how. Press A+B to use this code.

Region: US/North America | Class: Individual Pokemon Codes
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Feb 10th 2012

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