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Game reviews for Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

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Castlevania: Lament of Innocence

Game Reviews for Castlevania: Lament of Innocence


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kirbyteen23rd Nov 2005, ID #213
This game takes place in a forest(and castle).The main character is Leon,who is looking for his beloved Sara.There is a shop for items and etc.You are equiped with a brown whip made with alchemy.You..

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What a great game!!! Added 30 Jun 2004, ID #9573
For those of you who were let down about DMC2,(Such as me.) then I suggest you check out Castlevania:Lament of innocence to cheer you up.

Graphics:10/10: From Leon's hair, to the Ghostly theater, these graphic's will blow you away. the animations are much clearer than DMC2, the castle is very well done. It's possible to make out the rooms without straining your eyes.

Combat:9.8/10: May not be the absolute best, but it's still adictive and fun. the enemies aren't like in Ninga Gaiden, but they aren't stupid either. Plus, Leon has all the old Castlevania sub weapon's such as the cross,axe,dagger,holy water, and many other's. To add on, Leon wield's a whip, and pretty well to. He can lay legion's of dead enemies easily, and gothic techno is a good choice for fighting.

Music:10/10: Perfect choice for the subject matter, it's creepy but This game wouldn't be Castlevania without it.

Enviroments:8/10: They look great, but a lot of the rooms look the same. And unlike SOTN or other previous 2-D Castlevania's, There isn't much platform jumping. Mostly room to room, finding important artifact's, solving puzzles, etc. Borrows a lot from DMC1.

Puzzles:10/10: Very hard to solve even with a map, mostly they consist of putting artifacts in a certain place.

Replay:9/10: There's a boss character you can play as, along with a Crazy mode to unlock. pretty good replay value.

Overall:9/10: This game is a great Action adventure game. SOTN was good, this one, I believe is better.
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