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1034 DeadWing 13th Jan 2009 98% Read Review
1114 guy in oakland 27th May 2009 88% Read Review
1141 dragonx254 16th Jul 2009 88% Read Review
1291 nightmare2 4th Dec 2010 76% Read Review
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Call Of Duty World At War Review Added 15 Nov 2008, ID #1055
If you donate both the tarantula and scorpion to the museum, they'll attack each other. This is pretty funny as they're in each other's faces.

Also, the tarantula makes the same noise when you shake a tree and the scorpion is similar but the sound is faster. I hope this helps because sometimes it seems to at times you encounter one of them more often than the other. This is the best I can describe their sounds. I'll think of more interesting yet useless information in the future. and get
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