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I am Batman30th Jul 2012, ID #1425
This is my first review so I don't know what to write but I found this game a complete waste of money. I came home with my £40 flimsy disc and was generally excited about playing the game, online. ..

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HOW AWSOME DOES MW3 LOOK?!!! My review. Added 30 Aug 2011, ID #7729
I am a HUGE fan of the call of duty,halo,gears of war and battlefield series. MW3 is gonna'be a really good game one downside is it might not be for wii. :(
I have a wii and a xbox. (360 that is) But it has a awsome looking trailer and a good review.

the graphics are the best of the best I recommend using hdmi cables for the best looks.

I love how all the call of duty charactor make a distinct sound if your setting a claymore or throwing a grenade. Overall it has good sounds.

The trailer showed some good campaign screenshots and videos. Im so exited for MW3!!!!!!!!!!!
Lasting apeal:8

The game will keep you playing for a long time. Especially the multiplayer

Overall a exellent game
(ps.I hope theres no quick scoping!)
Add me xbox live my gamertag is:CrAzYLEmOnS78
Awesome Added 28 May 2014, ID #5655
The following can be found at the corresponding coordinates.

Bubble Gun: X4249, Y25990

Collectibles (2 rare vehicles, gas pumps): X8033, Y28372

Fake Shark Fin (towed by propeller at lake): X12730, Y22494

Gambler's Den: X8646, Y23133

Grounded Mile High Strip Club: X27272, Y9999

'I Am Legend' Reference (with chair and desk at the end of pier): X18207, Y21543

Mountain Sculpture (three large faces): X30377, Y30638

Racetrack with Sports Cars: X9170, Y11413

SAMs, Fuel Supplies, Windmills: X8268, Y26679

Three Kings Hotel: X3709, Y31482

Upgrades at the top of the four smaller towers and the main larger tower: X2297, Y2212
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