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Mission 14 Walkthrough part 1

The start of this mission is essentially a long cutscene and this guide won't spoil any part of it. When you finally gain control shoot the soldiers in this room and grab a better gun from one of them or look for a gun of your choice in the weapon cabinet in the upper left corner next to the round desk.

Hesh will clear out the next room mostly, so move through and proceed through the kitchen. Hide in the room when you're told and wait for the enemies to pass. Move through the hall and head down the escalators; a shootout commences. Take out all enemy soldiers and move underneath the shutter in the right corner that Keegan holds open for you.

When you've gone underneath the shutter that Keegan holds open for you, look to your immediate left to find this piece of intel on a low table in the lounge area.

Proceed through the next hall, head down the escalator and follow your team through another hall. They'll open a door but gas is thrown towards you; quickly make a run in the other direction and jump out of the window.

Outside you'll find Riley and a whole army of enemy troops. Clear out the first portion of the area and pick up Riley. When you encounter more enemies up ahead, put Riley down and first take out the enemies. Continue this strategy until you reach the end of the area and enter the chopper.

Mission 14 Walkthrough part 2


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