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Victory Points

Victory Points are awarded for every base you successfully attack, while you will lose one when your base is defeated. They are not used for much other than bragging rights. Be sure to share your Victory Points number with your friends to see who comes out on top!

Attack other players and AI bases to earn yourself Victory Points



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Victory Points, as well as force points naturally decrease by 5% every day to theoretically keep players able to be active without being forced to lose attacks and be matched against overpowered opponents, although it doesnt work too well if you attack more than 2-3 times a day

Added 25th Mar 2015, ID #532955

my game is not pausing when i am receiving a incomng call i am loosing troops and resources is there any solution. this has happened many times.

Added 5th Mar 2015, ID #524688

Put the HQ on the beach for a day or 2 to get better suited players. simple. Don't care why that shouldn't happen but it does so get over it and stop winging like pansies.

Added 7th Feb 2015, ID #513013

OK, let me set this straight. The reason why the VPs are deducting is because the Blackguard takes over villages. You lose VPs when you either lose a defence, the Blackguard takes over free villages that produce gold for you (either player or AI bases) or if someone else takes one of your resource bases. So that's pretty much it, and if I helped you and you are thanking me, you're welcome! So Clash... I mean Boom on and have fun! By the way, the highest VP player count right now is 1496. BOOM

Added 6th Feb 2015, ID #512508

How to get more victory points? Can not do more than 715

Added 22nd Jan 2015, ID #505385

You guys are getting very confused with something? VPs are the medals in top left corner and yes they do go up with each victory and down with each time your base is destroyed. Game is solid. Read up on Boom Beach sites.

Added 11th Jan 2015, ID #499949

When u lose an island you lose victory points

Added 10th Jan 2015, ID #499330

This game is poorly programmed. I have been losing victory points WITHOUT BEING DEFEATED. In total I have lost over 12 pts in two days and been defeated once.

Added 5th Jan 2015, ID #496607

VP are alo used to calculate daily VP rewards, more VP, better reward options

Added 15th Nov 2014, ID #471689

My 1000 attack points.

Added 9th Nov 2014, ID #469328

Because of enemy invasion on your map as NPC bases

Added 29th Oct 2014, ID #464549

It don't make sense about vp is it a- resource bases b- other players bases or c- computer bases that u get the points from attacking ??????

Added 8th Oct 2014, ID #456259

The A.I take over islands randomly so you still have something to attack

Added 30th Sep 2014, ID #453529

I just won 4 3 attacks in a row vs other players and i am not getting vps! Wtf shitty cell?

Added 18th Sep 2014, ID #449218

.... I have 180 victory points. 17 takeovers later, I have 180 victory points. I have not had a defeat of my base and very few items have been taken over on my map. The point is, they are not increasing whatsoever.

Added 17th Sep 2014, ID #448847

I have taken over 17 islands and gained 17 victory points but they are not showing up in my trophy area. In other words, I'm trying to obtain the 300 diamond reboard, but the victory point amount is not increasing no matter how many battles I win.

Added 17th Sep 2014, ID #448846

You lose a vicory point when an island is taken over.

Added 16th Sep 2014, ID #448625

My hq is max well everything is max even my dimondes I am giving them out for free

Added 1st Sep 2014, ID #443497

I wish I could lose vp without use loosing recources

Added 20th Jul 2014, ID #422074

U guys are so dumb

Added 16th Jul 2014, ID #419340

Plz change the attcking system I am matched up with hq 13s and I am only hq 9 I have to many victory points and the only way to go down is to put my hq on the outside

Added 10th Jul 2014, ID #415942

You don't lose victory points when you fail an attack, only on defense. It seems very difficult not accumulate victory points to fast. I am always matched against players with a HQ 5-10 levels above mine. Makes defense impossible and offense very difficult

Added 7th Jul 2014, ID #413536

Victory points are used for matchmaking. Too many victory points can match you with people of way higher level than you.
Was thinking about making my headquarters vulnerable for a while to loose points.

Added 6th Jul 2014, ID #412820


If u loose a battle the points are deducted from u

Added 4th Jul 2014, ID #412076

My victory point decrease always..... Whithout enemy attak. Why?

Added 21st Jun 2014, ID #403486

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