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Boom Beach Walkthrough and Strategy Guide

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First steps:

When you first start the game, you will be asked to enter your name. Bear in mind that you cannot change this if you pick something you don't like, not without losing all of your progress - so make sure you're happy with it!

Choose your name carefully...or just pick whatever you always go with!
Defending against the enemy:

With that done, you are straight into the game, and first of all need to build a Sniper Tower. This is a building that allows you to keep a long line of sight, spotting enemy units as early as possible. To build this, tap the hammer icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. The Sniper Tower is the first building you will see. Tap on it to put it in the map area - you can then usually drag it around to position it where you would like it to be built, but not in this tutorial. Tap the tick icon to confirm its placement. We are then informed that enemy ships are inbound. Tap the "Watch the fight" button to sit back and view your Sniper Tower doing its work. It should be able to make light work of the enemy troops.

Attacking the enemy:

We are told that our next task is to free our neighboring islands. To do this, we'll need some offensive troops - specifically, some Riflemen and a Landing Craft. In Boom Beach, you need a way to get troops from your island to wherever you want them to attack, and Landing Craft are the way of doing this. Fortunately, for the purposes of this tutorial, we already have a boat. The camera will pan to show you the craft. Tap on it, and then again on the +Unit button. You are then taken to the Unit selection screen where you can choose the troops to place on the craft. Tap in the Riflemen icon to begin training them for this task.

Your starting island is a modest one, but will soon be crammed with buildings
Once they have been completed, you will need to build another Landing Craft to be able to amass enough troops for the battle ahead. Tap the Build icon again. This time, you want the Support menu. Tap on the Landing Craft to begin construction. Once it's built, tap on the craft and train some more Riflemen. You then need to tap on the compass icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You will then be taken to a map screen where you can select the area to attack. Tap on Enemy Base to enter the Attack screen. Select Artillery by tapping in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. You then need to tap on the marked building to begin your attack. Once that's done, you need to select your Riflemen and tap on the shore to deploy your landing craft. Once you've defeated the enemy, you need to tap the bottom-right icon to return to your own base.Base management:

You now need to build up your base. First, collect the Wood and Coins that have been accrued by two of your buildings (the Residence and the Sawmill) by tapping on them. You should also receive some Coins from the tribes people that you saved on the attack. Enter the Build menu and construct a Radar (Support), then a Gold Storage (Economy). You can only build one structure at a time, unless you want to spend Gems (not recommended at this point, you'll need them all later), but after a few minutes you will have both your buildings. At this point, the game completely hands over the reins of control to you, and you can proceed as you wish. Feel free to use our in depth tactic guides to decide what to build and what to upgrade as resources are thin on the ground as you go through the early levels.

Defeat your first enemy to liberate a friendly village



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