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Iron is the last resource to be unlocked in Boom Beach. It is used almost exclusively for upgrading your buildings to their final few levels. You are only able to generate Iron once you unlock the Iron Mine at Level 10. As a result, it is the most precious of the standard resources and you will only start to accrue serious amounts once you get to have a high-level Headquarters.

Generating Iron

The main way to generate Iron is to construct an Iron Mine. You can only have one of these in your base, regardless of what level your Headquarters is. You will receive a certain amount of Iron every hour, though of course you can collect smaller amounts as soon as it is produced. Below you will find details on what level the Iron Mine produces certain amounts of Iron, which is helpful in deciding whether it is worth upgrading and planning your resources appropriately.

Iron Mine statistics

Level 1

Health: 1,500
Iron per hour: 120
Maximum capacity: 500


Wood: 39,000
Stone: 9,900
Upgrade Time: 3 hours 45 minutes
HQ Level Required: 10

Level 2

Health: 1,800
Iron per hour: 210
Maximum capacity: 1,450


Wood: 126,000
Stone: 33,000
Upgrade Time: 6 hours
HQ Level Required: 10

Level 3

Health: 2,200
Iron per hour: 360
Maximum capacity: 3,500


Wood: 126,000
Stone: 63,000
Upgrade Time: 8 hours
HQ Level Required: 12

Level 4

Health: 2,600
Iron per hour: 580
Maximum capacity: 7,500


Wood: 251,000
Stone: 126,000
Upgrade Time: 12 hours
HQ Level Required: 13

Level 5

Health: 3,100
Iron per hour: 900
Maximum capacity: 14,700


Wood: 390,000
Stone: 261,000
Upgrade Time: 12 hours
HQ Level Required: 14

Level 6

Health: 3,700
Iron per hour: 1,320
Maximum capacity: 26,800


Wood: 810,000
Stone: 540,000
Upgrade Time: 12 hours
HQ Level Required: 15

Level 7

Health: 4,400
Iron per hour: 1,800
Maximum capacity: 45,000


Wood: 1,680,000
Stone: 840,000
Upgrade Time: 12 hours
HQ Level Required: 16

Level 8

Health: 5,300
Iron per hour: 2,400
Maximum capacity: 70,000


Wood: 1,860,000
Stone: 1,860,000
Upgrade Time: 14 hours
HQ Level Required: 17

Level 9

Health: 6,300
Iron per hour: 3,500
Maximum capacity: 100,000


Wood: 1,980,000
Stone: 1,980,000
Upgrade Time: 16 hours
HQ Level Required: 18

Level 10

Health: 7,500
Iron per hour: 3,500
Maximum capacity: 130,000


Wood: 2,100,000
Stone: 2,100,000
Upgrade Time: 22 hours
HQ Level Required: 19

Other ways to generate Iron

You can also get Iron by capturing resource bases. This means you will receive a boat-load of Iron from this base periodically. You can also get Iron from conquering enemy bases.

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18 comments, latest first.
Upgrading buildings and the Ship now costs so much wood, I never have enough but I am full with iron (almost 10000). What can I spend a lot of iron on?
I need to upgrade my wood storage which cannot hold enough for future upgrades which require 70000 or more wood and 20000 stone.

Added 22nd Aug 2015, ID #601262

That's cute. You will need millions of units of iron later in game.

Added 3rd Oct 2015, ID #613470

I have an iron resource base. When do I get the resources in the little boats? I haven't gotten any yet and it' seen about a week.

Added 26th May 2015, ID #561650

How am I even supposed to get iron?

Added 25th May 2015, ID #560933

All well and good capturing iron but i cant get enough iron to ugrade radar to unlock new section! Grrr may have to uninstall as not got any more bases with iron left to attack

Added 10th May 2015, ID #554554

I also do not have enough iron to buy a mine. Help please

Added 6th Apr 2015, ID #538741

If you haven't got enough to build a mine search a resource base or simply use diamonds to upgrade your radar or other buildings

Added 14th Jul 2015, ID #584303

Cant seem to find anyone to fight that has iron and don't have enough to upgrade headquarters to get iron mine ! Help

Added 16th Mar 2015, ID #529459

Level 51 resource base. Iron mine@ lvl 15. With 3 boom cannon@ lvl 14, 2 mortar, 2 cannon n 15 sniper all are @ lvl 20...
I'm at 44ex lvl with hq lvl 17 n tank @lvl8 wt to do pl.s tell me. My mail id is
No. 880****402

Added 3rd Mar 2015, ID #523618

What is worth more, 3 diamonds, 1500 iron, 4000 wood? Is there a scale or something to compare values? Thanks.

Added 15th Dec 2014, ID #485055

1500 iron is worth more.

I think...👍

Added 10th Jun 2015, ID #568321

That's what I would say......

Added 2nd Aug 2015, ID #592949

Guest that asked for how to capture the iron resource base lvl 32 u will need many Warriors and Zookas (Bazooka women) to attack and capture it and u wil need to ugrade your gunship to a higher level to have many Energy to use Boombs on Enemy turrets, Boom Cannons and sniper towers i hope this helps u PS: CApture the base fast before anyone captures it first good luck and good bombing!

Added 28th Nov 2014, ID #477486


Added 21st Nov 2014, ID #474296

Attack boom cannons with shells from boat, use a lot of infantry to swarm boom can none if they can avoid machine guns, flamethrowers, and mortars to reach them. Use smoke screen to cover approach when needed.

Added 23rd Sep 2014, ID #451083

How do I get from level 9 hq to level 10 he ?

Added 9th Sep 2014, ID #446012

What level do you start to see iron resource base

Added 31st Aug 2014, ID #443077

There is an iron resource base level 32 to the left of my base on the map.....It has not been captured by anyone yet....can You tell me how to capture has two high level boom canons

Added 15th Aug 2014, ID #437103

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