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ID #300

A great game to play although watching it is as boring as watching cows all day as I found out when my brother wouldn't let me play(It's his game!).

I definetly reccomend this game to any gamer who has a brain as it's fun as well as challenging.

I'd have too give it 96%!

ID #299

This game is great because anyone who likes blowing up things , like me, is in for a treat because your this little thing that's supposed to be a man but looks like a woman.

You control him and you're just walking round placing your bombs under or besid things and they blow up but you do have to get away quick 'cause when you get the surprises underneath some of them make your bombs even more powerful!

There isn't always a problem though because sometimes the surprises are bombs that blow up when you want htem to and then it's great fun!

Overall this game is excellent to play so if you don't already have it then get it 'cause it's great fun!

My overall marks out of ten are9 and a half!

ID #298

This is a great game to play when you want to blow up a couple of things if you're angry. The graphics are good and the gameplay is great. Th sonly thing wrong is that the so called man is so much like a woman but Hey, who cares?

I recommend you get this game and quick

'cos you're missing out on a great deal.

ID #297

This is a great game to play as ther are 4 different worlds to complete to get 4 crystals.

The fun never stops even though sometimes the game can get extremely hard.

I recvommend you get this game for fun and games but also hard work and using your brain (if you have one of coarse ... wait corse ... wait a sec corce ... oh who cares?)

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