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Billyo review / Win the Game.! Added 2 Sep 2013, ID #5489
Okay, when you start there is one objective on the left and two on the right
Start by eliminating everyone that is everywhere. Go through all the houses and kill everyone

Once thats done get your claymore and start at the objective of your choice (you should probably leave the first one on the right to last because it's the easiest and it has a look-out point upstairs)
Place your claymore and the turrets and when your ready, start the data transfer and get to a safe place
(safe places: last house on the right - the 2nd floor balcony, easy house - upstairs, first house on the left - the upstairs)

Assumimg you started on the last house laze the stryker at the house opisite and get to the balcony. The enemies wont really come to the balcony (besides, the stryker and turrets should kill them off). If it says the transfer is interrupted ignor it and wait until everyone is dead. Once your sure they are all dead restart the transfer and no-one should come.easy

Next get to the first house and do everything I said before. More enemies should come up the stairs though so make sure you refilled your ammo.

Last get to the easy house and start shooting from the window (make sure there is claymore at the stairs so if enemies come up they will be blown up and alert you

Once everyone is dead and the transfer is complete you have to get back to the stryker. Do this by running through the houses. I'm not sure but I think more enemies come. It shouldnt be too hard

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