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738 TJLM 23rd Nov 2007 90% Read Review
748 deadlysnips 11th Dec 2007 96% Read Review
790 kameo22 4th Feb 2008 100% Read Review
872 deadlysnips 29th May 2008 96% Read Review
917 Chicken_Nuts 1st Aug 2008 94% Read Review
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Assassins creed Added 10 Jul 2014, ID #5831
I thought the game was good but could of done with more to do as got alittle boring and get
This is really nice Added 23 Dec 2007, ID #1919
Anywhere you want to go on the map? Just mark a radar on & it will take you there! It's rather brilliant, I know. Works for online play too. Give it a go.
Next Generation Added 23 Dec 2007, ID #1915
Complete the following tasks to unlock trophies, stamps, and Home items in the Galaga game.

Destroy Fighter:
Destroy your captured ship

Destroy the Dragonfly

Destroy the Stingray

Destroy the Maple

Win a perfect game in the Challenging Stage

Dual Fighter:
Destroy the enemy holding your ship captive

Blue Spaceship:
Destroy the Blue Spaceship

Boss Alien:
Destroy the Boss Alien

Destroy the Scorpion

Stage 10:
Reach Stage 10

Stage 20:
Reach Stage 20

Stage 30:
Reach Stage 30
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