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Money-Making Tips

Early in the game you are going to want to be able to buy the Collection Item Maps all at once, but the costs are prohibitive. In addition to that, as the game progresses and you begin to complete the Club Challenges/Tasks you are going to need a large chunk of money to buy one of each weapon from the stores which is one of the tasks. Finally there is the fairly large amount you will need to craft all of the special items (unique weapons, kit upgrades, and the Franklin Inventions) as well as the major expense of upgrading the Aquila.

When you add all that up you will be needing a significant amount of money – something north of $50k actually. Fortunately there are some helpful shortcuts you can use to make the process a lot easier, starting with the Treasure Chest collection itself, as each of the chests has an amount of money in it so, when you open it, you claim that.

Treasure Chest Method

When you start out, do the hunting you need to do in order to get the money for the Treasure Chest Map from the store in town, then buy that, and systematically open and empty all of the chests that you can reach – which early in the game will basically be Boston and the Frontier. You will need to liberate a few Forts in the process, but the chest money combined with the hunting you do and liberal looting of the enemy you kill will easily net you the rest of the money you need for the rest of the maps!

Upgrading the Aquila and Buying Weapons
When it comes to the ship upgrades and buying all the weapons (incidentally, each weapon you buy at the store AND the unique ones you craft once your crafters are upgraded appears in the Assassin Armory in the Secret Assassin HQ in the basement of the Manor House in Homestead) means salting away a fortune, and you are likely to find that Hunting is your best friend... But there are a few caveats you need to be aware of before you start selling off all of the items you hunted animals for...

Spread out among the Delivery Requests and the Club Challenges / Tasks are a long list of resources that you will need, and there are some special resources (like Bear Grease) that you will actually need for your own ends, and that being the case, while hunting really is the way to go to make money, you may want to take care to bear in mind that some of the resources are easier to get than others. You are going to need the following list to fulfill all of the various quests/tasks in the game:

  • x3 Bear Claws *
  • x1 Bear Grease *
  • x3 Bear Pelt *
  • x5 Beaver Pelt
  • x5 Beaver Teeth
  • x3 Bobcat Claws
  • x3 Bobcat Pelt
  • x3 Cougar Fangs *
  • x3 Cougar Pelt *
  • x3 Deer Marrow
  • x5 Deer Pelt
  • x3 Elk Antlers
  • x1 Elk Heart
  • x5 Elk Meat
  • x3 Fox Pelt *
  • x1 Fox Tail *
  • x5 Hare Meat
  • x5 Rabbit's Foot
  • x5 Raccoon Pelt
  • x5 Venison
  • x3 Wolf Fangs
  • x5 Wolf Pelt

Of the above items the ones that will be more difficult to get are marked with an '*' and you may want to retain a minimum number – say 10 of each – when you sell off the rest of your stock to the merchant at the store...

While hunting bunny rabbits is not going to get you a lot of money, the larger game like deer and elk – and bear – will. You will also find that beaver and fox can be very profitable, as can bobcat and cougar, though the latter two will be a bit rarer on the ground so to speak.

Just a handful of hunting trips should net you the funding that you need to take care of your expenses, and you can easily mix in the hunting with the other activities that will take you into the Frontier and the Homestead.


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