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Samurai ShodownYES       
Samurai Shodown IIYES      YES
Samurai Shodown III: Blades Of BloodYES       
Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's RevengeYES       
Samurai Shodown VYES       
Samurai Shodown: Warriors RageYES       
San Francisco Rush 2049YES       
San Francisco Rush: Extreme RacingYES       
San Francisco Rush: The RockYES       
SDI - Strategic Defense InitiativeYES       
Sega Rally ChampionshipYES       
Sega Rally Championship 2YES       
Sega Touring Car ChampionshipYES       
Sexy ParodiusYES       
Shikigami no Shiro IIIYES       
Silent ScopeYES       
Silent Scope EXYES       
Skull FangYES       
Slash OutYES       
Soul CaliburYES  YES    
Space BomberYES       
Space Invaders Part IIYES       
Spawn: In the Demon's HandYES       
Special Criminal InvestigationYES       
Spectral vs. GenerationYES       
Star Wars Racer ArcadeYES       
Storm BladeYES       
Street Fighter 2 Champion EditionYES YESYES    
Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike - Fight For The FutureYES YESYES   YES
Street Fighter AlphaYES  YES    
Street Fighter Alpha 2YES  YES    
Street Fighter Alpha 3YES YESYES    
Street Fighter EXYES  YES    
Street Fighter EX 2YES  YES    
Street Fighter II: Champion EditionYES  YES    
Street Fighter II: The World WarriorYES  YES    
Street Fighter III: New GenerationYES YESYES    
Street Fighter III: Second ImpactYES  YES    
Street Fighter: The MovieYES  YES    
Strikers 1945 IIIYES       
Strikers 1945 PlusYES       
Sunset RidersYES       
Super Puzzle Fighter II TurboYES YES     
Super QixYES       
Super Street Fighter IIYES  YES    
Super Street Fighter II TurboYES  YES    
SVC Chaos: SNK vs. CapcomYES YESYES  YES 

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