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Time Cheat cheat for The Sims FreePlay


Time Cheat

One of the most annoying things to me was the time factor -- you had to wait for EVERYTHING. However, I discovered time is device-side, even though the rest of the game is server-side. So if it takes four hours to finish building a house, for example, simply turn off the auto network time on your device and advance the time by four hours. Reopen the game, and wala! The building is finished. After you're done playing, even if you're months in the future, just turn network time on again, and you're good. The gameplay does not revert back, so all your progress using the time exploit is kept! Hope this helps!

Added by: Guest Feb 20th 2012, ID#38 and get
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They transfered to server based time. Plus this was 3 years ago are your seriously thinibg they aren't ginna patch it?

Added 10th Mar 2015, ID #526984

How many times is someone gonna say it doesn't work we get it and don't u see everyone else does to omfg that's annoying just because it doesn't work for u doesn't mean it doesn't work a all some people try to hop be grateful for the damn suggestion

Added 8th Mar 2015, ID #526111

I swear yall peeps keep lyin about deez cheats get live and stop ruining my gameplay cuz da only cheat that worked was the vomit one so please stop f*cking lying

Added 5th Mar 2015, ID #524383

Didn't work­čś×

Added 1st Mar 2015, ID #522788

How do you turn it off?

Added 1st Mar 2015, ID #522724

Doesn't work

Added 25th Feb 2015, ID #521186

Does not work

Added 19th Feb 2015, ID #518310

I tried every thing and nothing worked not even this cheat

Added 6th Feb 2015, ID #512481

maybe it depends what device you have

Added 29th Jan 2015, ID #509006

thank i hope this helps too

Added 29th Jan 2015, ID #509005

it doesnt even work I was so happy to see that there was a time cheat but it doesnt even work. Did you even try the cheat

Added 28th Jan 2015, ID #508515

Time cheat does not work! Don't try!

Added 18th Jan 2015, ID #503639

The time cheat isn't working

Added 11th Jan 2015, ID #499700

Do it work?

Added 30th Dec 2014, ID #492941

I have a LG phone and I'm trying to get unlimited money. And I have tried everything and yet I still can't get anything to work. Please help me

Added 24th Dec 2014, ID #489624

It doesn't work. ...

Added 17th Dec 2014, ID #486025

How do i turn off auto network time on my Asus pad?

Added 23rd Oct 2014, ID #462149

This is a old cheat. This cheat has been fixed and only works at older version of the game. Have tried, and doesn't work at all. Probably (or it has been) fixed since long updates ago (maybe)

Added 17th Oct 2014, ID #459411

It doesn't work anymore. When Freeplay was still pretty new this worked but now they fixed it so its set on server time

Added 18th Sep 2014, ID #449067

The cheat is not working

Added 14th Sep 2014, ID #447698

This sucks it won't work for m

Added 28th Aug 2014, ID #441758

Worked at the beginning now it doesnt do anything for me :(......probably works once a day but not continuously

Added 14th Aug 2014, ID #436680

Would it work on Android tablet?

Vuitton N
Added 28th Jul 2014, ID #426584

Is this cheat available for android?

Added 6th Jul 2014, ID #412952

What is auto network I have never heard of that. How do u change it to that.

Added 21st Jun 2014, ID #403934

Time cheat for the kindle anyone know one there is no auto on or off for the time and

Added 13th Jun 2014, ID #398615

this is awesome pumpkins in 20 seconds

Added 7th Apr 2014, ID #372382

Good idea !:-)

Added 31st Mar 2014, ID #370112

Works for me ha

Added 9th Mar 2014, ID #362648

Dont do this cheat. I tried it. It wont do anything but screw up your game big style. PB rewards will take ages, like a year maybe, and chances are (i dont know this for sure) youll housebound your sims if they arent swimming or something. You've been warned. This cheat? Nothing but a curse.

Added 7th Jan 2014, ID #340953

I tried that cheat to speed up time and it doesn't work

Added 7th Jan 2014, ID #340770

wala = voila, aka French for look at that!

Added 4th Jan 2014, ID #339373

It doesnt work i used to do this but it wont let me.anymore plz think of q new cheat

Added 2nd Jan 2014, ID #338148

The time cheat used to work but now it doesn't because of the new update. I used to sometimes do that time cheat but the company or whatever made it like no cheats at all ever anymore.

Added 1st Jan 2014, ID #337234

how to get more simoleons and LP.I have 3 LP only.I must grow my sims daughter,and I need 5 LP to bake birthday cake.Please,help me..(sad)

Added 27th Dec 2013, ID #334688

very this cheat does not work for most any more pantech mostly

Added 22nd Dec 2013, ID #332715

None of what anyone says works and i have an lg optimus pro

Added 4th Dec 2013, ID #325174

i tried this , it didn't work for me unfortunately

Added 8th May 2013, ID #281169

Well is there a way to level up faster I'm on 15 but I wanna be on level 20 plz help!!!!!!!!

Added 14th Mar 2013, ID #263683

In my note 2 no cheats are working when I turn off wifi and open game the game not start and it hang...

Added 6th Mar 2013, ID #261197

please answer

Added 27th Feb 2013, ID #259315

2 of my sims can't work (work as firefighter)its start from 9 pm-5 am, after i try this cheats .there is no notiffication for that. anyone can explain how to my sims work again?

Added 27th Feb 2013, ID #259313

Ok so none of these work on my samaung galaxy s II

Added 19th Feb 2013, ID #256206

okay, so I did this and now my house says that it will be ready in -39seconds. help?

Added 7th Jan 2013, ID #239139


1. Go open sims freeplay
2. Start gardening, cooking or go to work and go to 'town mode'
3. Delete Sims FreePlay from the multitask bar (hold it down, press the red button)
4.Open the settings on your device 
5.Change the date on your device to 1970
6.Go open your sims freeplay it should say "could not connect to game center server" cancel that (in some devices you can already collect your simoleons at this point)
7.(if not) go back to settings and change the date settings to 1971
8.Open again your sims freeplay wait it to load and collect your simoleons

You can do this as many as you like until you reach your simoleons goal.. Just
Do the step as many as you like but remember to go to 'town mode' every time you make sims to work and change only the years and go forward with the years. F.Ex. From 1970 to today. From experience this works to iPhone 4s and iPad 2
Hope this may help.

Added 30th Dec 2012, ID #232069

I tried everything you all suggested and it won't work on my S3. So I give up trying to cheat and will just play along Thanks for the irritation tho!!!

Added 29th Dec 2012, ID #231333

doesnt work on my lg viper

Added 7th Dec 2012, ID #215993

This does not work. My competition center had 9000 hrs before the next competition! This is so frustrating

Added 4th Dec 2012, ID #214968

This was working really well for me until I opened to finished competition center while I was in 2013, and now in normal time it says no competition check back in 4400 hours... Any suggestions to get it back to normal?

Added 12th Nov 2012, ID #207992

It changes time but don't help Sims just goes from like day to night

Added 14th Oct 2012, ID #196428


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