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*New* Time Cheat cheat for The Sims FreePlay


*New* Time Cheat

- Start Building, Gardning, Cooking, etc.
- Save and Exit
- Turn off Wifi/Ineternet
- Advance Time
- Start Sims Free Play again and Wait for the popup telling you "unable to connect"
- Turn on Wifi/Internet and hit retry
- Enjoy Time Cheat and instand Finish.

Added by: Noloony Mar 20th 2012, ID#103 and get
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I have a even better way

1. Go into sims
2. Go to your settings and set to 2021
3. Go to sims again
4. Then you should hear dining
5. Go to your homepage
6. Then go in to sims and you should have 1lp and 15,000 smoions
7. Don't get angry if you don't do it the first time .

Added 31st Aug 2015, ID #604228

when i turn the wifi back on the time automatically turns back on

Added 22nd Aug 2015, ID #601299

This didn't work

Added 22nd Aug 2015, ID #601253

The first time I did it , it didn't work then I did it again and my sims had to re-do what they have all ready did. I now have to restart the whole game.

Added 18th Aug 2015, ID #599522

Dosent work.

Added 13th Aug 2015, ID #597625

Doesn't work

Added 12th Aug 2015, ID #597202

it doesnt work

Added 2nd Aug 2015, ID #592933

It didnt work😑

Added 28th Jul 2015, ID #590308

It didn't work! I was looking forward to money!

Added 27th Jul 2015, ID #589883

This sucks

Added 10th Jul 2015, ID #582494

It did not work

Added 20th Jun 2015, ID #572891

I tried many cheats and none of them work. Why?

Added 11th Apr 2015, ID #540953


Added 15th Jun 2015, ID #570879

DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added 11th Jan 2015, ID #499794

It does work guys i do it allllootttt

Added 28th Sep 2015, ID #612139

it doesnt work she was baking banna bread for a quest she had 6 hours to go i did this nothing happend

Added 1st Jan 2015, ID #493983

It doesn't work anymore because the game uses the servertime...

Added 24th Dec 2014, ID #489335

Doesn't work, fake, I had it nearly 8 hours ahead from when it would be done and it only was 2 hours ahead so still had 5 and a half hours left! Don't try this

Added 7th Dec 2014, ID #481551

It doesnt work ??? Tried it 2 times its a fake sorry !!!!

Added 23rd Nov 2014, ID #475335

I have a samsung galaxy s4. No matter what cheat I try it dont work. The time in the game actually changes but it is still the same time till finish. Im afraid of messing up my game so im just gonna play the right way. However I dont always have internet connection and so by the time I get into the game my sims are off work snd almost always in the red for everything. I wish they would make a fix for thid so the sims might shower and sleep om their own ehen not in the game.

Added 28th Sep 2014, ID #452663

Use gamekiller it really works :-)

Added 21st Sep 2014, ID #450352

Please how do u use game killer I have a Samsung galaxy note and I can not root my phone. I seriously need diz cheat help me out

Added 9th Aug 2015, ID #596018

What's gamekiller?

Added 28th Jun 2015, ID #576891

It mucked up my game and I had to start again!!!!

Added 28th Aug 2014, ID #441599

guys the new update does not allow all this time changing and getting money

Added 29th Jul 2014, ID #427337

Doesn't work for galaxy tab 3 after carnival update.

Added 19th Jul 2014, ID #421678

Why it can't work on my Samsung Galaxy? I already change the date, not time.

Added 18th Jul 2014, ID #420563

The cheat doesn't work bc they updated it to fix glitches and patch up ways to cheat so this cheat worked like two years just not now. So it did work at one point.

Added 17th Jul 2014, ID #420012

Change the date not the time and it should work

Added 13th Jul 2014, ID #417842

It does't work for me..... :(
I want the kids upto todlers
Boy and girl

Added 4th Jul 2014, ID #412168

it takes a wiele

Added 1st Jul 2014, ID #409889

Doesn't work for me :( but imma try again, hopefully this works

Added 30th Jun 2014, ID #409542


Added 27th Jun 2014, ID #407564

did not work never does

Added 27th Jun 2014, ID #407541

Is this cheat mot made for the samsung galaxy? If not coild someone post a cheat for the samsung gaxaly

Added 23rd Jun 2014, ID #405318

I didn't work on samsung tablet 8.0 .. why ?

Added 8th Jun 2014, ID #396213

Doesn't work. I really need a money cheat that works on a Samsung galaxy note 10.1 2014 edition. Does anyone know of one???

Added 5th Jun 2014, ID #394234

Doesn't work for me on the galaxy s4 because I have 4G

Added 29th May 2014, ID #390620

it did not work on my fone

Added 8th May 2014, ID #382537

Does it works on nexus 7

Added 21st Mar 2014, ID #366713

is there any cheats for more money ?

Added 11th Mar 2014, ID #363088

OMG it works thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much I was cooking a Turkey and growing pumpkins thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much although the one thing that did upset me is that it didn't work the second time anyway thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooo much

Added 28th Feb 2014, ID #359488

It doesnyt work for anything produced by Samsung

Added 6th Feb 2014, ID #352232

dont work samaung galaxy s2

Added 20th Jan 2014, ID #346054

So i did this and at first it worked. I got a pop up that said "town hall is finished" even though it nomally takes 4 hours. i go into the game and the town hall isnt finished.

Added 30th Dec 2013, ID #336620

It's annoying! I'm always low on $ I've tried everything and I can't get more money. I have a asus memo pa hd7 someone help me plz!

Added 17th Dec 2013, ID #330630

Doesn't work!! Samsung galaxy s4??

Added 12th Dec 2013, ID #328313

Jeje its not working please help! I have a droid mini

Added 2nd Dec 2013, ID #324671

it will be realy works?? on galaxy tab2 ?

Added 29th Nov 2013, ID #323447

It doesnt work on samsung galaxy note 2 cansomeone please help

Added 18th Nov 2013, ID #320340

It works for me! Tho not every time. And yes, when it DOESN"T work...weird things happen like the party boat saying its goin to take over 1000hrs. But I just keep trying and eventually I get it. I think the trick is to do it slowly...not quickly. And to not have any other sims visiting your house. Every sim from the house should be doing something. Sometimes if sims at other houses are planting, it also instant finishes theirs, but not always...don't know why. Its strange, but it does work if you keep trying

For my android phone I do the following:
1)put airplane mode on BEFORE exiting wait a few seconds
2) save & exit game
3) wait a few seconds again
4)system settings< date& time change to at least 1 month, 10 days, 1yr in future
5)wait a few seconds
6)access game wait for error message
7)turn off airplane mode & wait a few seconds
8) hit retry & if it goes right away without another error message it usually works

Added 6th Nov 2013, ID #318183

It works !!! In 2015

Added 1st Jul 2015, ID #578365

I have ASUS eeePad Transformer 101, it doesn't work. Please help

Added 4th Jun 2013, ID #287875

Yep it works

Added 28th May 2013, ID #285973

Hey were the same phone bibbo i have samsung galaxy s2 but i can only do the money cheat

Added 16th May 2013, ID #283173


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