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Follow the dark path or use the light


Boss Walktrough

by Serlkamb

                   The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D
                              Boss Walkthrough
                                Nintendo 3DS
                                Version 1.0
                             Guide by: Serlkamb
=			     Table of Contents				    =
= 	Updates and Memo's		-		1.01		    =
=	Bosses          		-		2.01		    =
=	 Deku Tree					2.02		    =
=	 Dodongo Cavern					2.03		    =
=	 Jabu-Jabu's Belly				2.04		    =
=	 Forest Temple					2.05                =
=	 Fire Temple					2.06		    =
=	 Water Temple					2.07		    =
=	 Shadow Temple					2.08		    =
=	 Spirit Temple					2.09		    =
=	 Ganon's Castle - Ganondorf			2.10a 		    =
=	 Ganon's Castle - Ganon				2.10b		    =
=	Credits and contact info	-		3.01		    =
=	Copyright disclosure		-		4.01		    =
					=	Updates and Memo's - 1.01   =
-Version 1.0 - No updates yet available.
-No memo's yet available.
					=                   Bosses - 2.01   =
Welcome to my first walkthrough. Here I will be talking about the Dungeon
bosses for the legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and how to defeat them.
So without further ado... here is the walkthrough.

c==========|::: Deku Tree :::::::>{2.02}

Dungeon Boss:
Name:		Gohma
Description:	It's one of the parasitic monsters inside the Deku Tree! Its
                eye is vulnerable when it's red!
Full name: 	Parasitic Armored Arachnid Gohma
Location:	Deku Tree

How to defeat Gohma:
 At the start of the battle, use either C-up or your Slingshot to look up at
 the queen on the ceiling, which will begin the battle. Although she looks
 pretty intimidating, she's a piece of cake. Her main attack is to wobble
 towards you and then try to basically fall on top of you, which can be
 easily defended against using your shield or simply moving out of the way.
 Her other form of offense is to climb onto the ceiling and make three eggs,
 which will fall to the ground and hatch to become Gohma Larva after a short
 bit. The Larva are easily defeated with two sword swipes or a Jump Attack,
 but they can be killed quickly by simply slashing each egg before they
 hatch. To harm Gohma, you have to use either Deku Nuts or your Slingshot
 when her eye is red (right before or after either of her "attacks"). This
 will cause her to fall down and be vulnerable to your sword. The Slingshot
 is by far the most effective. Regardless which way you do it, once she's
 stunned, smack the heck out of her for as long as you can. The easiest way
 to defeat her is to simply wait for her to climb on the ceiling and stun her
 then (this stun is far longer). If you do it right, you can finish this boss
 off in less than a minute.

 Use Z/L targeting, defend against her main attack with your shield. Shoot
 her with Fairy Slingshot whenever her eyes turn red to stun her (especially
 on the ceiling). Slash away. Repeat.


c==========|::: Dodongo Cavern :::::::>{2.03}

Dungeon Boss
Name: 		King Dodongo
Description:	This is a huge Dodongo that eats anything! Give it a shock,
                and finish it off with your sword!
Full Name:	Infernal Dinosaur King Dodongo
Location:	Dodongo Cavern

How to defeat King Dodongo:
 King Dodongo is another easy boss that just looks big. Its large size makes
 for awkward attacks that are easily avoided. It only has two forms of
 offense, the first of which is to breathe fire at you, which takes him a
 long time to charge up. His second attack is to roll around half the arena,
 which he does repeatedly throughout the battle, usually either immediately
 after the first attack, or when there's an awkward situation where he can't
 hit you that well. Both of his attacks are easily avoided by standing close
 to the lava, or in one of the insides of the corners. For the rolling
 attack, you can also just hold in your shield to avoid taking damage. With
 that being said, you should follow Navi's advice and try "giving him a
 shock." Do so by throwing a Bomb or Bomb Flower into his mouth while he's
 inhaling to breathe fire. It will explode in his stomach, stunning him for a
 moment. Use the opportunity to slash him with your sword. Just be prepared
 to jump to the side with the lava to avoid his roll immediately after, then
 circle around to the other side or wait in one of the corners to face him
 once again. Four or five hits will kill this beast. And if you plan ahead,
 you can throw the Bomb, whip out your sword while he flings himself in the
 air, then use A to do a Jump Attack on him as soon as he hits the ground,
 dealing extra damage.

 Rolls at you and breathes fire. The fire can't be deflected with your
 shield, but both are easily avoided by standing close to lava. Avoid
 actually touching the lava though... Throw Bombs or Bomb Flowers in King
 Dodongo's mouth while he's inhaling to stun him, then slash with your sword.
 Circle around. Repeat.


c==========|::: Jabu-Jabu's Belly :::::::>{2.04}

Name:		Bigocto
Description:	Attack it from behind.
Location:	Jabu-Jabu's Belly

How to defeat Bigocto:
 This giant Octorok isn't stuck in the confines of the water alike his
 brothers. He circles around a spinning spiked platform of doom trying to run
 you over, and he runs just about as fast as you do, so it's difficult to
 catch up to him. Once he rams into you, he'll then turn around and start
 over again. Occasionally, he'll disappear and reappear on the opposite side
 of the track. Just watch the spikes to know which way he's traveling. As is
 pretty obvious, you're going to have to stun him using your new-found
 Boomerang. You can hit him anywhere with it to stun him, but he's only
 vulnerable to your sword from the backside once stunned. Below are the two
 ways to defeating him:
  Catching Up (Hard)
   The first method is to run away from him, sticking close to the spikes so
   you gradually catch up. Once you're close enough, Z target, Boomerang,
   slash his backside. Simple, but lengthy and he can be tricky at times,
   suddenly turning on you or burrowing to the opposite side. (When I first
   played, I thought this was the only way to do it!)
  Standing Still (Easy)
   The easy way is to understand one thing: he turns around if he hits you or
   occasionally when you stun him. What does this mean?
	Stand still and get mowed over on purpose, then stun him and slash
	away. Repeat.
   OR   Stun him with Boomerang. Wait until stun wears off, let him spin
        around a little bit, stun him again while he's facing away. Smack
        him. Repeat.
 The second method makes this battle pathetically easy once you notice the
 way he moves. Either way, after four sword slashes (or two jump attacks) to
 his vulnerable spot, Bigocto will be a Bigloser.

 If he gets too close, or you get close enough, use the Boomerang to stun.
 Once stunned, get behind him and slash. Run away when he chases you. Be
 careful, because he can "teleport" to the other side. To kill him easily,
 just use your Boomerang, stun him again while he's turned the other way and
 slash him. Repeat.


c==========|::: Jabu-Jabu's Belly :::::::>{2.04}

Dungeon Boss
Name: 		Barinade
Description: 	Many parasitic jellyfish swarm around this monster. Aim for 
		its body, protected by jellyfish!
Full Name:	Bio-electric Anemone Barinade
Location:	Jabu-Jabu's Belly

How to defeat Barinade:
 Phase One: Tentacles
   The battle starts out by slicing off the three appendages that are
   attached to the ceiling, sucking energy out of Lord Jabu-Jabu. The natural
   conclusion is to use the Boomerang. Target one at a time and dismember
   them as you circle around to avoid the electric beams.
 Phase Two: Jellyfish
   The next phase is a little harder. He releases the top row of jellyfish
   and allows them to orbit around the main body. The electric "connection"
   to them is dangerous as well, so try to weave in and out to get close.
   Once you're close enough, use your Boomerang on the main body (which is
   now slightly vulnerable). This causes the connection to the outer
   jellyfish to break momentarily, making them no longer invincible. You can
   also just wait awhile and he'll disconnect, but he'll shoot while
   disconnected. Slash up the jellies, stun the main body again before it
   comes back to life, repeat. Your sword and Din's Fire work for killing
   them, but Deku Nuts and the Boomerang get my vote for the best methods.
 Phase Three: Spinning Defense
   After the first set of Jellyfish die out, he'll send out his last line of
   defense, spinning around the main body quickly as he zips around the room.
   L target the main body and try to keep some distance between you as you
   continually use your Boomerang. Once you make it through the jellyfish,
   they'll be separated again. This time however, he can shoot you while
   stunned. Quickly run forward and throw a Deku Nut at the main body (to
   hopefully take them all out at once), or use the previous methods.
 Phase Four: Vulnerable at Last!
   Once all of the jellyfish are gone, he'll zip around the room a little
   more aggressively and shoot faster. Just keep moving and using your
   Boomerang to stun him once again. Once you get him, go slash away at the
   main body with your sword. After a couple slashes, he'll sink down into
   the ground to protect the body. Run away for a bit until he gets back up.
   Repeat. After a good ten sword slashes or so, Barinade will explode.

 Keep moving to avoid the electricity it shoots. Use your boomerang to kill
 the tentacles at the start of the battle, then to stun the main body
 afterwards. Kill the jellyfish when they're disconnected with your sword,
 Boomerang, Deku Nuts or Din's Fire. You can keep the main body stunned by
 repeatedly hitting it with your Boomerang. When there's no jellyfish left,
 attack the main body when he's stunned. Run away when he ducks into the
 ground. The end.


c==========|::: Forest Temple :::::::>{2.05}

Name:		Poe Sisters
Description:	Joelle:	One of the Poe sisters.
		Beth:	One of the Poe sisters.
		Amy:	One of the Poe sisters.
		Meg:	One of the Poe sisters. If she splits into multiple
			images, you need to figure out which one is the real
			one. Is it this one?
Location:	Forest Temple

How to defeat the Poe Sisters:
 In the Forest Temple, there are four Poe Sisters that you need to defeat in
 order to return their flames to the main room of the dungeon. The first
 three are found within paintings you find in the dungeon. Once you acquire
 the Fairy Bow, shoot at the painting that has the Poe in it, which will then
 move to the remaining portraits. Shoot the others until there's no frames
 left to hide in, then follow the Poe and defeat it. They fight just like the
 Poes found in the Kakariko Graveyard, so they should give you no trouble.
 The final Poe Sister, Meg, is a little more tricky. Once the other three
 have been defeated, return to the main room and she'll be waiting for you.
 Meg will make three other illusions of herself, who then spin around you.
 You can use the process of elimination with your Fairy Bow in order to
 defeat them, but that's a little awkward. The trick to this battle is to
 notice that the true Meg will spin around once just after they all appear
 as well as just before she attacks. Watch for this and dodge or attack.
 After several hits with the bow, Meg will be defeated.


c==========|::: Forest Temple :::::::>{2.05}

Temple Boss
Name:		Phantom Ganon
Description:	Attack him when he comes out of one of the pictures! Watch
                out for the fake one!
Full name:	Evil Spirit from Beyond Phantom Ganon
Location: 	Forest Temple

How to defeat Phantom Ganon:
 Your first temple boss can be difficult if only because he does a lot of
 damage and his attacks are hard to avoid if you mess up. The first half of
 the battle is similar to your recent battle with Meg, the fourth Poe Sister.
 The boss will come out of one of the six pictures along the wall along with
 an illusion. At the last second, the illusion will turn around and run back
 up the path, while the real one will come out and zap the middle of the
 arena. If you're not fast enough, this will do a whole two hearts of damage.
 A good method is to stay on one side of the room rather than standing in the
 middle. Also, his lightning attack NEVER hits any of the corners... After
 three successful shots with your bow, his horse will abandon him and he'll
 fight you alone. For the second half, he'll float around by himself and
 shoot less powerful orbs at you. While they're easily avoided or dispersed
 with any other attack or merely holding up your shield, in order to stun
 him, you'll have to play ping pong with him until one of you isn't fast
 enough. Use your sword to smack his attack back at him multiple times until
 you hit him. Try to time your swings so that the tip of your sword will hit
 the orb. It is possible to just get very close to him and hope the first
 bounce you get hits him, but it's hard to time it right and the stun doesn't
 last as long. Very rarely, he'll make some pretty fireworks, then charge at
 you very quickly. Simply hold up your shield or move out of the way to avoid
 it. If he does hit you though, he'll do three full hearts of damage! Yikes!
 Once he's been stunned, run up and slash away. Rather simple really, but can
 get quite frustrating. After a good thirteen hits, he'll finally die.

 Stand on one side of the room. Get an idea where both are coming from. Shoot
 the real one as soon as you figure it out. Do this three times. Use your
 shield. Get kind of far away, try to reflect his attack by slashing it with
 your sword. Try to time it to hit the tip of your sword, you'll get hurt
 less doing it that way. When he falls, smack him. Repeat.


c==========|::: Fire Temple :::::::>{2.06}

Name:		Flare Dancer
Description:	Extinguish it's flaming clothes first...
Location:	Fire Temple

How to defeat Flare Dancer:
 As soon as the battle begins, this enemy will jump out of the flames and
 start spinning. If you don't stop it quickly, it will shoot out flames in a
 radius around him. He has two types of flames: red, which simple sits there,
 and blue, which slowly inches its way around the room, similar to a previous
 Zelda title, the Adventure of Link. The rest of the time, he'll zip around
 the room like he's skating on ice, leaving a trail of fire in his wake. He
 purposely tries to knock you over while doing this, and while it doesn't do
 any damage, it makes it annoying to get your bearings again. To hurt him,
 you have to wait for him to hold still right before he attacks. While he's
 spinning around, Z target him and either throw a Bomb or use your Hookshot
 to temporarily rid him of his flaming body. Also, once you get the Megaton
 Hammer, you can simply smash the ground to do this as well, which is much
 easier. He'll be reduced to a black torso, which grows tiny legs and runs
 around the room squeaking. He'll circle the room, then turn around when he
 sees you and run the other way repeatedly. Eventually, he'll jump back into
 the flames. There's three good ways to hurt him at this point: Hookshot him
 back to you, circle around the room and use a Jump attack, or circle around
 the guy himself after he sees you, so he can't move at all and sees you on
 his other side. The last method can be incredibly effective and make this
 battle very short if you do it right. Eventually, he'll take enough damage
 or be out long enough and jump back into the flames. If you harmed him
 enough, he'll change colors, just like the Torch Slugs. Red to blue to
 green. It's a nice little gauge to see how much life he has left. Overall
 though, disembodying him with the Hookshot then circling around and using a
 Jump Attack is by far the easiest and fastest way to defeat him.

 Wait till he stops, use Hookshot or Bombs to disembody him. Smack him with
 your sword or Hookshot to hurt his little body. Repeat.


c==========|::: Fire Temple :::::::>{2.06}

Temple Boss
Name:		Volvagia
Description:	It's the boss of the Fire Temple, revived by the Evil King. I
        	don't know its weak point...
Full name:	Subterranean Lava Dragon Volvagia
Location:	Fire Temple

How to defeat Volvagia:
 Wow, thanks Navi for that incredible advice... This worm-like oblong dragon
 has you trapped on a hexagon shaped platform surrounded by lava. Should you
 fall in, don't worry, cause you can climb up the sides and back onto the
 main platform. Should the need arise, you can actually climb off to the side
 on purpose to avoid being attacked by any of his moves. All its attacks are
 somewhat awkward to avoid and they all do a great deal more damage than the
 other bosses you've faced thus far. Volvagia has three main attacks it
 cycles through somewhat randomly. The first is flying up to the ceiling and
 bumping against it, causing flaming rocks to fall down. Generally, they fall
 where you were standing when he first went up to the ceiling, so going to
 the opposite side of the arena usually fixes that problem. In either case,
 run away from shadows. The second attack is to come out of the lava and fly
 around the arena, trying to breathe fire at you. While this does loads of
 damage and knocks you over (potentially into the lava below) it's easily
 avoided by simply standing next to the hole he originally comes out of; the
 reason being, because he doesn't have a very tight turn radius and he's too
 stupid to simply back up. Alternatively, you can run around like a chicken
 with your head cut off, circling the area, or just Z target him and use your
 shield. His third attack is to stick his head out and lean over the edge,
 pausing a moment before breathing fire or smacking you if you're close
 enough. This is your chance to teach him a lesson. Each time he does this,
 run over and smack him in the head with your Hammer. This will stun him and
 give you the opportunity to slash away with your sword. As he takes more
 damage, he'll stall more in his appearance out of the nine lava holes,
 trying to trick you into running to different ones. It's pretty easy to keep
 track of though, simply because he'll have two in a row that are fake, then
 the third one is him. The best method is to simply stand near the middle and
 run towards the last one. Because lava doesn't hurt you immediately to walk
 on it now, feel free to walk over the holes themselves.

 Run up to it when it pops out of the lava, but not too close. If it's just
 sitting there, smack its head with your Hammer to stun it, then slash away.
 If it goes up to the ceiling and makes rocks fall down, avoid the shadows.
 When it flies around, trying to breathe fire at you, just get inside the
 circle because it doesn't turn very fast. If you fall into the lava below,
 or just want to avoid damage (such as the rocks falling from the ceiling)
 you can climb on the sides of the main platform and wait there for a good
 time to climb back up.


c==========|::: Water Temple :::::::>{2.07}

Name:		Dark Link
Description:	Conquer yourself.
Location:	Water Temple

How to defeat Dark Link:
 This battle can be intimidating at first, but after you begin seeing the
 patterns in his attacks and simply avoid the moves that cause him to react,
 he can be quite easily defeated. Basically, he mirrors your every movement
 at first, but then gets more aggressive as the battle progresses. Avoid
 using the Jump Attack (L + A) and stabbing with the Master Sword
 (L + B + Forward). Each of those cause him to counterattack, not that
 regular slashing doesn't, but those two are guaranteed to fail every time
 (unless you miraculously catch him at a good time right after he attacks,
 very rare, not worth it). 
  L targeting:  More safe, can sometimes trick him.
  No targeting: Risky, tend to take damage yourself at the same time. Much
 There's two ways to go about this fight: L targeting or without. While
 targeting, he mirrors your every move more accurately, but at the same time,
 you can angle your slashes as to get past his defenses, so while it's harder
 it's also easier to score a hit if you watch him closely. Without L
 targeting, you can run around and your slashes have a chance to penetrate
 his defenses. An example: run away from him, turn around quickly and use a
 downward slash on him, or stand side by side facing opposite directions and
 continually just press the B button, eventually your sword will curve around
 and hit him in the back because he's using a different type of slash that
 won't hit your sword after awhile. A combination of the two methods will
 throw him off guard (because he'll continually only roll, or only be
 aggressive, etc). This battle is quite memorable and hard if you only use
 the Master Sword and tricks to defeat him. If you want this to go quick or
 are running low on life, you can always just use other attacks, seeing as he
 ONLY has the Master Sword, you can take advantage of that. In other words:
 Din's Fire or the Biggoron's Sword. The larger sword + stab is very
 effective because he doesn't have that same stab counterattack. L targeting
 and just regular slashes are also very effective. If you're out of magic and
 don't have the Biggoron's Sword, your best bet is to either have no L
 targeting and try to inch your way along his side while you slash
 continually. Otherwise, to L target and angle your attacks with the Analog
 Stick to try getting past his slightly delayed attacks (just don't stab with
 the Master Sword). It does work, it just takes a little persistence.

 If you choose to fight with the Master Sword, don't stab or Jump Attack. L
 target + Analog Stick to angle your attacks and get past his defenses. No
 targeting + pressing in his direction = you both might take damage. Riskier,
 but faster. If you want this battle to be easy and quick... Use Din's Fire
 and/or Biggoron's Sword.


c==========|::: Water Temple :::::::>{2.07}

Temple Boss:

Name:		Morpha
Description:	Master of the Water Temple. It has absolute control of water.
		Pull out its nucleus and attack it.
Full name:	Giant Aquatic Amoeba Morpha
Location: 	Water Temple

How to defeat Morpha:
 Alike the last boss, this one deals out quite a bit of damage should you
 accidentally get caught. This boss is rather simple: it really only consists
 of a single orb that controls the water in this room (in the form of
 tentacles that try to grab you). You can easily tell where the tentacles are
 coming from by the noises they make. To avoid taking loads of hurting,
 simply stay a good distance away from each tentacle as soon as you see them
 beginning to appear. It's pretty easy to stay out of their range. Wait until
 the nucleus attacks through a tentacle, use L targeting and Longshot it.
 Make sure there's plenty of room on the ground in front of you for it to
 bounce around, lest it fall back into the water as soon as you get it! As
 soon as you do get it, smack it with your sword, quick-like. After several
 hits, it'll summon two tentacles at once, and eventually three. Repeat the
 processes just like you did before. If you'd like this to be a challenging
 experience, stay ONLY on the four platforms in the water. If you'd like it
 the other way... just hang out in the corner where it can't reach you...

 Keep your distance. If you hear bubbling or sounds like a spaceship floating
 around, go the opposite direction. L target the nucleus when it comes up
 through a tentacle and Longshot it. Smack it with your sword before it hops
 back in the water. Repeat.


c==========|::: Shadow Temple :::::::>{2.08}


Name:		Dead Hand
Description:	Watch out for its infinite hands! Aim for its head!
Location:	Kakariko Well (Past Link)
		Shadow Temple (Adult Link)

How to defeat Dead Hand:
 If you have the Lens of Truth, you can use that to see where Dead Hand is
 currently burrowed so you can move out of the way. Let the hands grab you to
 draw him to the surface. Press A and/or B to get free, then get away from
 them. Now turn to the body and wait for it to get close. When it lowers its
 head, smack with your sword a bunch. If you wait too long, it'll bite you.
 Keep doing this till it's dead. Optionally too, you can slash the hands
 themselves which will yield recovery hearts or rupees once defeated, but
 watch out - they come back after a few seconds.


c==========|::: Shadow Temple :::::::>{2.08}

Temple Boss:

Name:		Bongo Bongo
Description:	Boss of the Shadow Temple, revived from the well. Look at it
		with the eye of truth!
Full name:	Phantom Shadow Beast Bongo Bongo
Location:	Shadow Temple

How to defeat Bongo Bongo:
 Bongo Bongo can be one of the hardest bosses in the game. Even though he can
 be killed quickly if you know what to do, he's all about timing and reacting
 quickly, which can be hard, especially the first time you face him. His
 attacks do quite a bit of damage, so it's not hard to quickly lose all your
 life. A couple fairies are recommended for this battle. Ironically enough,
 the entire battle is on a giant bongo drum, with two hands hitting it. It
 may seem as though you should use the Hover Boots, but they actually make it
 harder. The drum is floating in a sea of poison, so you'll have to jump back
 on as quick as possible should you be cast off. This boss attacks by using
 two hands with generic, predictable punching, etc. His fastest attack is the
 swiping move, which is hard to avoid sometimes. The best way is to simply
 hold R to duck when you're not L targeting. The other moves are generally
 easily avoided by simply rolling. The object of the battle is to stun both
 hands, to make Bongo Bongo vulnerable. You can do this using the  Longshot,
 the Megaton Hammer, the Fairy Bow, or simply one of your swords. Both of the
 first two listed... well... suck... It's possible to attack the hands while
 they're in the middle of attacking you, but some attacks are invulnerable,
 etc, so it's easier to attack the stationary one. Here's the two best
 methods I've found to attacking the hands:
  Method 1: Stand far back so you can see both hands. L target and shoot one
            hand. Dodge the other when it attacks, and if it's next to you
            for a second (such as after slamming the ground) stab it with
            your sword. Otherwise, L target that one, and shoot it when it
            goes back to its starting position before it attacks again.
  Method 2: Wait for one hand to attack. Run straight for the other hand
            that's not moving. Smack it. Quickly turn and move to where the
            opposing hand will return to (left or right). Smack it as soon as
            it comes back to its original position.
 Both of those tricks work very well (I like the second method better).
 However you end up doing it, you can use the Lens of Truth to see Bongo
 Bongo. He'll now open his eyes and rush towards you, with hands on either
 sides. Hit his open eye to stun him, with which you can use all of the
 weapons listed earlier. A regular sword slash is kinda fun, but hard to
 time... He can be a pretty intimidating boss, but if you use the tricks I
 have listed above, and especially if you have the Biggoron's Sword, this guy
 can be over within one minute.

 Don't get smacked. First you have to hit both hands. Either stand back and
 use L target + Fairy Bow, or get close and attack each hand when they're not
 moving with your sword. After that, either use:
  - L target + Fairy Bow, or...
  - No Z target + No Lens of Truth + Spin Attack...
 to hit the eye before it hits you. Slash away and repeat.


c==========|::: Spirit Temple :::::::>{2.09}

Temple boss:

Name:		Twinrova
Decription:	Kotake: Ganondorf's surrogate mother. Sorceress of Ice. She
                        seems vulnerable to high temperatures.
		Koume:  Ganandorf's surrogate mother. Sorceress of Flame.
			She seems vulnerable to low temperatures.
		This is the combined form of Kotake and Koume. Turn their
		magic attack back at them!
Full name:	Sorceress Sisters Twinrova
Location:	Spirit Temple

How to defeat Twinrova:
 For the first phase of the battle, the sisters will circle around the room,
 pausing every once in a while and taking turns shooting their magical beams
 of opposite types at you. They're attacks are slow beams that can easily be
 avoided by continually moving, but they still have a very wide area of
 effect. Each beam does about two hearts of damage, but afterwards, they
 leave a wide area where the beam hit that will damage you if you touch it.
 The Ice one freezes you for awhile, but doesn't do too much damage, while
 the fire one hurts you A LOT if you stay there (roll if you are on fire to
 make it stop). Together, they're a formidable foe that can easily kill you
 in just three hits! Logically, you've probably already figured out, (Navi
 confirms it,) you need to use your Mirror Shield to reflect their attacks at
 the opposing sister. I suggest waiting on the opposite side of the room from
 wherever they're currently at. At this point, you can either L target one of
 them, or just hold in R without targeting. Regardless, face the one who's
 about to shoot. As the beam is coming towards you, quickly point your shield
 (or switch targets) to the opposing sister. If you're close enough (you can
 move while targeting, just make sure you stay within the beam) this will
 cause damage. After a several good hits to either sister, (or you take too
 long,) it will show a little scene in which they combine to form Twinrova.
 In this new, singular form, the attacks differ slightly. Each beam will
 power up your shield instead and gathering an opposing element will make
 your shield burst energy on you. As a result, as soon as you see her shoot
 an element (fire when you're using ice for example) jump out of the way.
 Once you've collected three of either element, your shield will start
 releasing the energy. Run towards her and point it towards her (either by
 turning left or using R). If you're close enough, and in time, she'll fall
 down onto one of the four platforms. Jump over and start slashing her to
 bits. You can also use B in mid air to do a jump attack when you're first
 going over, but it's tricky. Repeat this process several times to defeat

 This battle isn't so much hard as it is awkward. The goal of the entire
 battle is to reflect the magic the sisters shoot at you. If at any time you
 don't think you can get a good shot at it: run. For the first phase of the
 battle, face the one that is about to shoot and aim your shield at her. As
 you reflect the beam, point it towards the other sister (either with L
 targeting or the analog stick). For the second half, they combine into a
 single powerful witch. Use your shield to absorb the attacks (but only one
 type at a time). After you've collected three of a type, get close and point
 your shield towards her to stun her. Jump over and slash her up. Repeat.


c==========|::: Ganon's Castle :::::::>{2.10a}

Castle Boss:

Name:		Ganondorf
Description:	Link! I can't help you! Because of the waves of darkness, I
		can't get close! I'm sorry, Link!
Full name:	King of Evil, Ganondorf
Location:	Ganon's Castle

How to defeat Ganondorf:
 As soon as the battle begins, run away! He slams the ground with his first
 attack, getting rid of the blocks closest to the center platform. This
 battle reminds me of the "Don't Break The Ice" game, except he's trying to
 break it. All of his attacks have the potential to remove some of the blocks
 in the room, making it harder to get to the center. Ganondorf will only use
 his punching attack when you're on the center platform. It has quite the
 range, so don't linger too long on his platform.
  Ganondorf's three attacks:
   Attack One: 	 Punches the center platform.
   Attack two:	 A simple energy orb.
   Attack three: Multiple, more powerful orbs at once.
 The King of Evil's primary attack is to toss an energy orb at you, which
 does four full hearts of damage! You can simply avoid it or use the Mirror
 Shield to block it, but you have to smack it with your sword to toss it
 back, playing ping pong, just like the Phantom boss of the Forest Temple.
 Once you manage to hit him with it, he'll be stunned for a moment... His
 last attack is to raise his hands in the air and collect this nasty,
 puke-colored green or black swirlies (depending on the version of the game
 you're playing) that he shoots out in the form of lightning balls that
 zig-zag towards you. Your shield is no good against this attack, but it can
 be avoided by running at the last second. However, you can shoot him with a
 Light Arrow while he's charging up, or simply charge a Spin Attack and
 release it to reflect the energy orbs back at him! Three ways to stun him:
	Stun A: Slash the single orb back at him (like ping pong)
	Stun B: Use a Spin Attack to reflect the multiple orbs.
	Stun C: Simply shoot a Light Arrow while he's charging the big
 Once you've used any of those methods listed above, he'll be constricted by
 it, giving you a chance to shoot him with a Light Arrow, which causes him to
 fall to the platform defenseless. Three ways to get to the platform:
	Style A: Longshot the climbable part;
	Style B: Run while wearing the Hover Boots;
	Style C: Jump. (Press "B" in mid-air!).
 Regardless of the method, smack him up until he begins getting up, then
 quickly run away! You can use the Hover Boots for this entire fight, which
 actually gives you less to think about, but simply jumping gives you the
 chance to do a Jump Attack in mid air, dealing double damage when you land.
 Since two of his attacks kill the blocks, it may be smart to stay in the
 corners if your methods lead to him missing a lot (removing blocks). That's
 pretty much all there is to this battle. It's fairly difficult in that it's
 odd to get used to, but like all the bosses, once you get the hang of it,
 they can be defeated quickly. Using the Biggoron's Sword will make this
 process much faster. Remember: if at any time you start running low on Magic
 or Arrows, jump down into the lower portion of the room (he won't attack you
 down here) and smash the jars for goodies. Climb back up and quickly jump to
 the side. For veterans, there's a trick to stand in the center and being
 prepared to fall back onto the climbable part of the center platform,
 avoiding Ganondorf's attacks, as well as being close by every time you have
 a chance to stun him. Doing it this way allows Ganondorf to be defeated
 within thirty seconds, easily.


c==========|::: Ganon's Castle :::::::>{2.10b}

Final Boss:

Name:		Ganon
Description:	I have no idea what his weak point is!
Full name:	Ganon
Location:	Ganon's Castle

How to defeat Ganon:
 As soon as you start the battle, Ganon will smack the Master Sword out of
 your grasp and outside the barrier. Why doesn't Zelda just toss it back?
 Anyway, we'll have to make due until then... This boss is actually very
 simple and can be defeated with most of your other weapons and items, so
 that's a good thing. His only attack is to slash you with his sword, which
 can easily be dodged or rolled to avoid.  It becomes obvious very quickly
 that Ganon's weak point is his brightly colored tail, which can be smacked
 with anything to hurt him. It's getting to his backside that's the problem.
 There's two methods to do this... The first is to stun him (by hitting his
 face): Five ways to stun him:
	Stun A: Deku Nut (shortest stun).
	Stun B: Longshot (short stun).
	Stun C: Jump attack (hard and dangerous).
	Stun D: Din's Fire (Long stun).
	Stun E:	Light Arrow (Longest Stun).
	Stun F:	Go whack/smack his tail!
 The Jump Attack method is by far the hardest to pull off, especially without
 taking loads of damage - don't do it that way. These other ones can all be
 done, then a few quick side jumps with A while targeting will get you a view
 behind him, allowing you to quickly use a Deku Nut, Longshot, Arrow, Megaton
 Hammer or Sword attack on his tail. While Navi doesn't have any useful
 information to speak of for this battle, her L targeting is very user
 friendly and intelligent. If he's facing you, it'll automatically target his
 face, but if he's turned to you, it'll target his tail, meaning you can
 shoot his tail with an Arrow for example if you're far enough to one side or
 behind him... The other method is to attack his tail directly, usually using
 your sword (or Megaton Hammer). He turns pretty quickly though, so the best
 way to get behind him (assuming you don't stun him) is to simply roll. Both
 of those methods (ranged vs rolling) work well. Surprisingly, for a last
 boss, he has a lot of weaknesses. If you begin running low on stuff, you can
 lure him to attack any of the "ruins" nearby. Each drop a separate item:
 fairies, magic jars, bombs and arrows. Also, using Nayru's Love for this
 battle might not be a bad idea if you're having trouble with it. Suffice to
 say, after a good ten hits or so, Ganon will fall to the ground, temporarily
 dropping the fiery barrier. Quickly run and get the Master Sword before he
 gets back up. Return to finish him off, though, this time he'll be a little
 faster. Just keep doing what you've been doing and after another ten hits or
 so, he'll fall down once again. Once you finally manage to knock him down,
 Zelda will stun him for a bit. Quickly equip the Master Sword and slash it
 at Ganon's head, then sit back and enjoy the show...

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