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Get a life

In world 1-2 go to the first koopa and jumpon block close to him then when he gets close jump on him then don't touch a thing and let it get to 3 stars thats the limit I
To lifes go back severl times so time dosent run out for a video go to so have fun

Added 26 Jun 2012, ID #379, by mario rocks and get

Final Level

The Final Level is unlocked once you have beaten all levels with both Mario and Luigi, and have gotten at least one Gold Flag (Pole Top) on all levels as well as having 5 Stars on your file.

This level replaces World/Special 8 Pipe and appears in it's position on Special 8. The icon is represented as a Gold Tower top with a Flag Pole. The level is harder than all the other levels.

Added 20 Feb 2012, ID #273, by Zeargo

Star Medal from Toad

So in some levels you see binoculars. They're not just for sightseeing! When you hear Toad zoom in all the way and find him. Follow him with your gaze. He'll drop a Star Medal onto the course! Now all you have to do is grab it!

Added 27 Jan 2012, ID #253, by Guest

Another Infinite 1-UP trick

Go to S1-3 and go to the Goomba platform, have either the statue leaf or super leaf, if not go to the bullet bill platform and jump on a bullet bill with a tail, on the Goomba platform there are 2 Goomba boxes wait until there are 6 Goombas and start jumping on them, let them do the work of 'em getting under you.

Added 8 Jan 2012, ID #220, by Guest
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