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Question for Nintendogs + Cats: Golden Retriever & New Friends

Can the dogs have puppies on it? and get
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Guest answered:
Added 8th Jan 2012, ID #471528
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Guest said: 19th Apr 2015 | REPORT
they can
Guest said: 23rd Apr 2015 | REPORT
I really don't know
Guest said: 30th Apr 2015 | REPORT
Guest said: 9th May 2015 | REPORT
No they cannot have puppies...what people are doing is they are using a hack that makes one of their dogs smaller to simulate a puppy
Guest answered:
Added 16th Mar 2012, ID #490220
To give your dogs any chance of producing puppies you have to plan it carefully. First you obviously need and male and a female. Choose dogs of a different colour and personality if possible. This is because dogs that are too alike often don't get on. Also the more trainer points you have the better your chances of breeding. Don't get dogs that are jumpy or naughty. Ideally,the male should have the "full of love" personality and the female the "laid back" and "easy to love" personality. This way they are most compatible. Avoid tiny dogs to breed with (they don't work) Shiba Inu's, beagles and Golden retrievers are best as they are quiet natured. You should not have any other dogs at home. Leave them to bond for a couple of days until they start to behave a little more maturely (e.g. Less barking and chasing) While your trying to breed them you should not do anything with the female except brush her and stroke her. (The male can go on short walks but should still spend a considerable amount of time with the female)Feed them dry food and milk. (they are most likely to breed at night so never take out the male after 8:00pm You should make the female were the rose for romance and the male the lucky collar. Play the friendly whiff record to get them in the cuddling mood. If they fight you should play the flower waltz record (so they dance) to distract them. Don't give them toys, it will encourage them to fight. Now choose a dog that you think is the quickest at learning tricks. When they go to cuddle the other dog the light bulb will appear on the menu were their name is. Click on it and say "cuddle" Keep doing this until they learn it. I did this with my female and now when I shout cuddle she trots over and gives my male a cuddle. This will encourage them to mate. Be patient and in there own time she will become pregnant and get fatter. Whether she will give birth or not I'm not sure so just keep her happy!
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Guest said: 15th Mar 2015 | REPORT
Do poodles work?
Guest said: 28th Mar 2015 | REPORT
Can the first dog I get go on competitions so I can get money to buy the second dog also what dog should I get first the male or the female and there are no "full of love" personalities so can I get one that is friendly or that makes friends with strangers quickly? Thanks.
Guest said: 14th Apr 2015 | REPORT
are dachhunds ok
Guest said: 22nd Apr 2015 | REPORT
I have been wondering if my pugs, (Dawn and Adam) could have puppies... But it sounds like they are too small, can I breed pugs? Thanks!
Guest answered:
Added 25th Mar 2012, ID #492864
I don't have a clue thay said yes and then no so I'm triing to breed 2 white huskys I'm on day2 but nothings haped not even the female geting fat. So iv made up this ruten give them milk and dry food onley don't take the femae for walks or competitions the pupy wiill "aparntely" come at nite so no walks after 8:oopm good luck
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Guest said: 2nd Jun 2014 | REPORT
what kind pf dogs can u do it with
Guest said: 3rd Aug 2014 | REPORT
all i know u can do it with labordor it works a friend of mine wher playing and she showed me her new pup soooo cute try it if u like it takes long though
Guest said: 9th Mar 2015 | REPORT
Don't walk her at all. Remove all other pets (drop or donate them at the hotel) and feed them on dry food and milk only. Get the female to wear a rose and the male a lucky collar. No other accessories. Must be same breed and colour (from when you bought them. Not visual.) and they're most likely to breed at night. Also don't take either of them out AT ALL. Even for walks or competitions. Shopping is fine. Keep this up for about a week I think and then the female will start getting fat and gaining weight. She'll then give birth after some days.
Guest said: 11th Apr 2015 | REPORT
hi im trying 2 find a place 2 buy the game where is it sold??????
Guest answered:
Added 19th May 2012, ID #508053
Yes, they can. Just like the normal game, you have to feed them milk and dry food (In the normal games it was Natural Food but I think it was removed.)

Keep both the male and female happy and try and make them cuddel with each other. Try not to give them toys or this will encourage them to fight and lose relationship. Toys like the bubble blower should be okay, (though I wouldn't suggest using the bubble blower exactly, because most dogs don't like it.) and only take the male for walks. They will probably breed when you're off the game and at nighttime. Small dogs like chihuahuas don't work because the dogs are actually a chihuahua size when they are puppies.
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Guest said: 24th Jun 2013 | REPORT
it's CALLED MILK formula
Guest said: 22nd Jul 2013 | REPORT
If you want to get milk go to the supplies store.It is next to the water.
Guest said: 2nd Nov 2013 | REPORT
you can get it from the supply shop
Guest said: 3rd Nov 2013 | REPORT
what the...
Guest answered:
Added 17th Jun 2012, ID #516249

I am almost completely positive they can breed I am trying it with my 2 shiba inu's and am at day 1 and my female is already bulkier
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Guest said: 30th May 2014 | REPORT
For a puppy yet? can you breed on Nintendogs + cats 3DS?
Guest said: 14th Jul 2014 | REPORT
yes you can I did it
Guest said: 15th Jul 2014 | REPORT
Thank you oh thank you!!!! To the person that commented on 14th July 2014!!!!!! I thought we can't breed on nintendogs + cats, but it can, so thx!!!!!!!!
Guest answered:
Added 12th Jul 2012, ID #522390
I don't think it works but it worked ONCE for me when I breeded 2 Shiba inu's and the female got fatter and became lazy. She was tierd all the time and I did NOT go out of walks at all because it were too exiting so I forgot about it. My male somehow started to cuddle the female wich wanted to throw hom of but she Failed (The names on the dogs is Shiranui and Ammy. They got a puppy at 2.00 PM at night! I named the puppy Amanui(It was a male)Because I wanted to have something that reminded me of my dogs. THAT IS ALL! THANKS FOR READING!
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Miss Kaylna question from Ga said: 26th Feb 2013 | REPORT
Uhh I did not mene this type Nintendogs+cats i was trying to find out how much time does it take to have puppies on Nintendogs+cats French Bulldog and new friends for 3ds.
blazers said: 29th Mar 2013 | REPORT
how long did it take? how did you do it?
Guest said: 7th May 2014 | REPORT
you got this from okami i love okami!
Guest said: 19th Feb 2015 | REPORT
What Did You Feed Them??
Guest answered:
Added 17th Jul 2012, ID #523668
You can't because on the manual it says they will always remain puppies and puppies can't breed with other puppies
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Guest said: 1st Jan 2013 | REPORT
[spoiler][/spoiler] yea they can
Guest said: 10th Apr 2014 | REPORT
Yes they can, the cuddle thing happened with my two spaniels but I was stupid and deleted the game
Guest said: 5th May 2014 | REPORT
well, really old puppies can breed
Guest said: 25th Jun 2014 | REPORT
Can dogs on nintendogs + CATS have PUPPIES because I'm confused , every body says u can't but other people say u CAN .i agree with the people who say u can .so I bought two shibas today .so just awnser my qestion so I wouldn't waset my time
Guest answered:
Added 26th Jul 2012, ID #525978
Well I have 2 dalmations on the 3ds the boy is called Rebus and the girl is called Rachy they cuddle play around with each other but nothing is happening but I am only on my second day so still lots to come (hopefully?) so if you could tell me so I do or don't waste my time!! :D thanx......(HELP!)
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Guest said: 5th Dec 2012 | REPORT
time travle step 1 save game step 2 change time to 23:59 go to game save change time to 11:59 wait til 12:00
Guest said: 18th Feb 2013 | REPORT
ummmm.. i think it takes 3/4 weeks
nicolea answered:
Added 27th Jul 2012, ID #526287
I belive rthey can and I'm trying to breed my 2 shiba"s stella and coco.But I've alredy been trying to breed 2 weeks in a row!And my female was skinny and now shes ideal but she is not lazie whnat does that maens!?
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Guest said: 31st Jan 2014 | REPORT
Just wait, a human takes about a month. It doesn't happen right away. She will eventually be very hungry all the time and then start to get bulky. Just give her lots of love and keep doing what your doing. Good Luck!!
Guest answered:
Added 1st Aug 2012, ID #527649
Would it work for a pug? I can't keep on doing the pedometer glitch to earn biscuits to sell... If it doesn't work on a pug then i'll have to work up 2,000 dollars for two shiba inus! Plus you gotta find the proper personalties or else the male/female will attack the other dog.
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Guest said: 20th Jan 2014 | REPORT
Just enter competitions, it earns you good money. Once you have enough money then you can start focusing on the breeding
Guest answered:
Added 12th Aug 2012, ID #531727
Ok I think dogs can breed but not cats I have tried can begles breed tho

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Guest said: 30th May 2014 | REPORT
I think you can breed beagles but Golden retriever, Dalmation, Shiba Inu and the German shepherd are the best to breed because they are large dogs the small dogs such as pugs are too small to breed,

Hope this helps
Guest answered:
Added 26th Aug 2012, ID #534923
Tryin with my golden retriever and beagle- I think it's working

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Guest said: 20th Jan 2014 | REPORT
I don't think basset hounds work, I tried it with mine but it never worked...
kellycalista said: 20th Jan 2014 | REPORT
I don't think basset hounds work, I tried it with mine but it never worked...
Guest said: 11th Aug 2014 | REPORT
Would jack Russell terriers work?
Guest said: 7th Nov 2014 | REPORT
What about jack russels?
Guest answered:
Added 4th Sep 2012, ID #536918
Breeding works. I have well had 2 shimba inas and they had a baby at 12:37 at night. It worked in 1 day. The female was under fed then a day or to she was plump. My male has alwayze ben ideal. The male should wear the sw collar it is called that in stores also known as the lucky collar. The female should wear the rose. When you are doing this switch to formula:milk and dry food. The reason milk is the female has no milk in her and she has to nurs her pup for 1 week.when chousing your mom and dad they should diffrent colors and have diffrent personalites. When you are breeding I wouldent recomend walks, baths, compitions, or toys. Bubbles are ok but most dogs don't like it. For small dogs like cocker spaniels it wont work they are too small. For this to work you need 900 trainer pts. You can earn these by compititions and walks. You need 900 trainer pts to buy the sw collar. You can breed with most medium sized dogs it will woks better if the dogs are larger. Baths for the male only. You should not play the game often not more then 2 hours a day. Do not play past 8 oclock.this should not take more than a month. Simbas work the best and it usualy talkes
a week. Have fun trying and I hope it workes for you as it did me. 1 more important thing!once you have the baby keep feeding milk for 3 weeks then feed milk and water. Feed more milk at first then wiggle your way in to water. Ok thats all
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Guest said: 23rd May 2014 | REPORT
So what if they cant spell Shiba Inu. Anyway. IT WORKS! i tried it with huskys,


Guest said: 1st Jun 2014 | REPORT
I think you mean 9000 trainer points to get the SW collar, because I have lots more than 900 but I still can't get it :(
Guest said: 25th Oct 2014 | REPORT
Where do U get the sw collar??
Guest said: 24th Dec 2014 | REPORT
On walks. It's really difficult to find but when you do find it, it's worth it.
vulpix2028 answered:
Added 6th Sep 2012, ID #537471
Do both of the dogs have to be the same breeed?
Please let me know!!!
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Guest said: 25th Nov 2012 | REPORT
Guest said: 26th Feb 2013 | REPORT
Aww cause i have a german shperd and a huskey
Guest said: 2nd Nov 2013 | REPORT
well, if they weren't you might either end up with no puppy or a cross breed. If you want a pedigree breed dogs the same breed.
Guest answered:
Added 28th Dec 2012, ID #560025
The dogs that you have don't have to be the same breed but most people usually have the same breed. But the most easiest way to breed is to have different personalities and colors.
Chels5177 answered:
Added 14th Jan 2013, ID #564745
You can't breed dogs because why would nintendo make a game for little kids that you have to make the dogs have puppies, thats just wrong! You can see people on youtube do it well it's because they used a cheat. When you use a cheat it might wreck your game so don't cheat.
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Guest said: 4th Nov 2014 | REPORT
Not really. They bred in My puppy family and so forth. So i doubt that.
Guest answered:
Added 20th Jan 2013, ID #565920
It doesn't work, I have a different 1, and I didnt try but I know because it says in the directions they're PUPPIES AND THEY STAY IT- YOUNG DOGS HELLO so puppies can't breed only grown dogs SORRY CASE CLOSED
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Guest said: 20th Jan 2014 | REPORT
Ya when you put your dog in hotel it says "Young --- is very excited to go home" and stuff. They r probably too young to breed
Guest said: 11th Aug 2014 | REPORT
acgtually - As soon as a puppy is sexually mature, she's capable of getting pregnant and producing a litter of her own youngsters. Female puppies can, in some cases, get pregnant at ages as young as 5 months. This age, however, is on the early side.
Guest said: 19th Feb 2015 | REPORT
Have A Attitude Much?
Guest answered:
Added 24th Feb 2013, ID #573229
Im breeding two cocker spaniels afther my nans dogs holly and sooty who just had a litter of 5 puppies
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Guest said: 18th Jan 2014 | REPORT
Guest said: 30th Nov 2014 | REPORT
Not all Dalmatians are the same I used to have one a long time ago and its spots werent black they were a brownish red, her name was Lily.
Guest answered:
Added 3rd Apr 2013, ID #580724
Hi I have 3ds and I want to breed my dalmations dolly and sweap I realy want them to have puppies but I don't want to waste my time. I heard the dogs have to be different colours but dalmations are all the same will it still work.
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Guest said: 27th Apr 2013 | REPORT
of course it'll still work. just follow the breeding directions and they will have puppies
Guest said: 22nd May 2013 | REPORT
how long does it take
Guest answered:
Added 23rd May 2013, ID #588876
I had been trying to breed my dogs all 2012. I never k Ew you couldn't breed chihuahuas. Meh, my cupcake did get really fat and lazy. They fought over toys though o I messed this is old though but idc
Guest answered:
Added 20th Jun 2013, ID #593101 can't breed nintendogs!! They're just babies themselves..look, go on YouTube they have helpful videos as to why and you can't breed nintendogs!! It's s time travel cheat & it will wreck your 3DS!! It's up to you..if you want to break your 3DS go for it!! Know this Nintendo wouldn't make a game for smaller children to play, knowing that they would question as to what they were seeing their dogs do!! Truly honestly think about if..the dogs are just puppies, babies!! & they can't have puppies.
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Guest said: 17th Dec 2013 | REPORT
I don't even know why people want puppies with puppies o.o go to shop and buy new dog, simple?
Guest said: 15th Oct 2014 | REPORT
your an idiot of course you can breed them there not that young...even in real life puppies can have puppies once there sexually active and you can breed them with out the time travel cheat they just do that to speed things up and also its just fun for people who like breeding now chill out
Guest answered:
Added 30th Jun 2013, ID #594692
Will it work with two Labrador Retrevors? And what personalities do they have to have?
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Guest said: 20th Jan 2014 | REPORT
They can't have bad personalities e.g." This male loves to have his owner to himself" or "This male has trouble getting along with other dogs" and idk if it will work of or not but give it a try
Guest answered:
Added 30th Sep 2013, ID #604399
This comment is in no way related to the glitch, cheat, or question - whatever you'd like to call it. I'm simply stating that it's a true downer how after reading the comments that people only put other's hopes down. You don't have to tell them what you think. The manual stated it, sure, but it did not rule out the fact that they cannot have puppies. I have many things to state in ordering that they can indeed have puppies. For one, look at the heights when compared to dogs of the same breed at the kennel, look at dogs of the same breed of walks. Dogs of shorter height on my game have a puppyish bark, dogs that have a rather taller height seem to have a deeper, adultish bark. I'm suggesting that Nintendo, or the creators of the game, have implanted an aging system that allows dogs you've owned for a while to look more adultish. I've noticed this in one of my old dogs, Willow. In addition, you feed your dogs dry food. This is the healthy alternative for fancy food. It allows no weight gain, and those who state that their dog has become fatter can only be stating the truth. I shall be trying this glitch, and I shall be testing all those theories that state you can have puppies. I own two labs, not that I actually planned to breed though. I only own them so that I can have a better chance at getting owner points and money, I've also planned to test how those with different and alike personalities train differently. Suggestively : Those ''lazy" dogs and those "hyperactive" pooches. After testing some of m other theories, I will be using those two labs to test this 'breeding' thing that allows puppies. Marley and Major, Yellow/ cream Marley, and a dark black Major. I will give one month for each dog WITHOUT time travel.

(Those who plan to breed, do not use the suggested comment about time travel. It could ruin the process, because it does state that you should not play after 8 o'clock)

-Sincerely, Mwah.
Guest answered:
Added 18th Jan 2014, ID #614813
Hey. I'm breeding two beautiful cocker spaniels, Pappy and Lady. I was just wondering can you breed cocker spaniels, because Lady, the mama dog has became fat, at first it said Optimal, but now it says that she's plump. Then you hear people say you can't breed cockers and it really makes you wonder! Thanks x
Guest answered:
Added 19th Jan 2014, ID #614983
Just wondering, where can you get the Lucky Collar and the Rose? I wanna breed my Retrievers Blizzard(Light gold/white male) and Sandy(Sandy gold/yellow female). I forgot to get diff personalities so they're both "This bright and cheerful lad/girl is beloved by all who meet him/her". Is that good if there both like that or should I get rid of Sandy. Thx
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Guest said: 8th Jul 2014 | REPORT
They can both be found at the local accessories shop; however, the lucky collar is called an sw collar.
Guest answered:
Added 20th Jan 2014, ID #615008
I tried it with my basset hound but it didn't work. I got two of them, the girl is Betsie and the boy is Jacko. I can;t get them to have puppies. Are they too small?
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Guest said: 17th Jul 2014 | REPORT
Yes Basset Hounds don't work
Guest answered:
Added 8th Apr 2014, ID #621758
Have you got proof that breeding works I would like to know that it works thx
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Guest said: 7th Aug 2014 | REPORT
I'm currently breeding to dogs so I will find out if you can
Guest said: 16th Oct 2014 | REPORT
Yeah I'm breeding huskies would that work?
Guest answered:
Added 18th Nov 2014, ID #646836
I havent tried this yet but I have a dog called jake that is a German shephard on the French bulldog 3ds version
I'm going to buy a girl dog to brees I just need to make sure this works so I'm not wasting my time!!
Please reply! ! Xx
Guest answered:
Added 18th Nov 2014, ID #646837
I havent tried this yet but I have a dog called jake that is a German shephard on the French bulldog 3ds version
I'm going to buy a girl dog to brees I just need to make sure this works so I'm not wasting my time!!
Please reply! ! Xx
Guest answered:
Added 1st Mar 2015, ID #657032
Would huskies work?? I have two huskie, Augusta and Lilly. I really want to breed them. And can you breed cats????
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Guest said: 7th Mar 2015 | REPORT
I have a multese. Can I breed it with a different breed such as the English Crocker Spaniel? Also, I had my multese for a while now, I entered her in competitions and took her on lots of walks. I don't have the other dog. I want to know, do it or don't. I would like a 100 percent answer with details. Can someone please answer truthfully. There are many yesses and nos. Thanks!!! : )

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