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Megaflash Sticker Locations cheat for Paper Mario: Sticker Star


Megaflash Sticker Locations

Except for Megaflash Hurlhammer (which appears in two) the following Megaflash stickers which are the rarest and most powerful battle stickers in the game will appear in the indicated location. When you find the location of a Megaflash sticker you can get as many of that sticker as you want there.

Megaflash Hammer:
World 2-2: Behind a secret panel below the balcony in the room with the Hammer Bros.

Megaflash Line Jump:
World 4-6: On a ledge below and to the right of where you fight the boss. Return after getting the Royal Sticker.

Megaflash Chillhammer:
World 4-6: On a platform in the second minecart area that requires you to Paperize the rail to reach.

Megaflash Hurlhammer:
World 5-1: Behind the Hammer Bro in the area with the second red flower.

Megaflash Infinijump:
World 5-3: In a secret area to the right of the pillars in the room with the Comet Piece that's accesible from the 'loop' in the river.

Megaflash Eekhammer:
World 5-4: At the beginning of the level, hit the stake with the hammer to release the raft, then ride it to the right.

Megaflash Hopslipper:
World 5-4: In the same room as the Megaflash Baahammer and Megaflash Hurlhammer.

Megaflash Hurlhammer (2nd Location):
World 5-4: In the same room as the Megaflash Baahammer.

Megaflash Baahammer:
World 5-4: On the third floor, through a warp pipe hidden to the right of the moving platforms in the main room.

Megaflash Burnhammer:
World 5-5: In the first area, in a secret room behind a rock near the entrance to the second area.

Megaflash Iron Jump:
World 5-5: In the fifth area, under the 'X' at the top of the hill. Stand on it until you see a shadow, then move out of the way.

Megaflash Slaphammer:
World 5-5: In the fourth area, under the 'X' on the ground closest to the entrance. Stand on it until you see a shadow, then move out of the way.

Megaflash Clone Jump:
World 5-6: On the third floor, pound the stake furthest to the right.

Megaflash Jump:
World 6-2: Through the Secret Door, in the ship's cabin.

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